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Escape to a weekend of music and the arts, the company of good friends old and new, and the comforts of Olympia Resort and Spa (30 minutes West of Milwaukee; 90 minutes Northwest of Chicago). Enjoy 15 unique concerts and the hands-on teaching of 30 highly acclaimed performing artists from all over the country. Get started on a new instrument in separate beginner classes, or take your playing skills to the next level: guitar, dulcimer, mandolin, ukulele, banjo, tinwhistle, African drumming, autoharp, folk harp, fiddle, harmonica and upright bass.

Take a Gospel or harmony singing class. Learn ensemble skills from one of the nation's best bluegrass bands, or share both music and laughs in a jug band class. Make jewelry, toys, greeting cards or a beautiful wooden instrument to take home. Bring both your left feet to contra, square or international dance classes, or share a dance with the experts. Drum with a Master Drummer from Ghana, study ecology with an award-winning naturalist, or take a songwriting class with two of the nation's most prolific and successful songwriters. Try handbells — a Stringalong “first.” Bring your digital camera and learn to frame that perfect shot. Jam with other folks who share your interests.

While you are in class, your family/friends can share your room and enjoy the luxuries of Olympia resort — spa, sports complex, swimming pool, hot tub, 18-hole golf course — then join you for meals, staff concerts and the evening program. All this while your cost for the Stringalongs starts at the low price of $205 for two-night stay, five meals, fourteen unique and amazing staff concerts, and your choice of three classes from 60 possibilities. Only $89 (just Friday). Pre-Stringalong $105+ (Thursday/Friday). or Stringalong Weekend $195+ (Friday/Saturday/Sunday) for 2-night stay, meals, tuition, concerts, jams, pool/spa (all)! Separate beginner classes. Registered guests welcome. Enjoy a reunion with lots of choices, where no one has to clean or cook!

Check out our smaller, more intimate and laid-back Pre-Stringalong program on Friday, October 23, with an optional Thursday night or Friday morning arrival. Take a couple of In-Depth (two hour) classes with Muriel Anderson, Joel Mabus, Cathy Barton and Dave Para, Karen Mueller, Neal Walters, Lil Rev, Kim Robertson, Brett Lipshutz, Bruce Emery, Will and Ann Schmid, Carroll Brown, Gary Stone, Mary Park, Kim Stanfill-McMillan and Paul Wagner. Or enjoy seeing several of these exciting musicians performing together, interacting with you and each other, and sharing their music.