University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

School of Freshwater Sciences

Undergraduate Opportunities

The School of Freshwater Sciences offers many courses open to undergraduate students. Qualified upper-level undergraduates may take the courses listed below, provided the prerequisites for the course are met. It is strongly recommended that you check with your advisor to ensure the courses will count for degree credit. Students enrolled in an SFS course may use the convenient, no-fare shuttle from campus to attend their classes at the School of Freshwater Sciences.

The following courses are open to eligible upper-level undergraduates:

  • FRSHWTR 464 Chemical Hydrogeology. 3 cr. U/G.
  • FRSHWTR 502 Aquatic Ecosystem Dynamics. 3 cr. U/G.
  • FRSHWTR 504 Quantitative Freshwater Analysis. 3 cr. U/G.
  • FRSHWTR 506 Environmental Health of Freshwater Ecosystems. 3 cr. U/G.
  • FRSHWTR 508 Freshwater Engineering. 3 cr. U/G.
  • FRSHWTR 510 Economics, Policy & Management of Water. 3 cr. U/G.
  • FRSHWTR 512 Freshwater Sciences Practicum: (Subtitled). 2-4 cr. U/G.
  • FRSHWTR 621 (Bio Sci 521) Benthic Ecology. 3 cr. U/G.
  • FRSHWTR 650 Topics in Freshwater Sciences: (Subtitled). 1-3 cr. U/G.
  • FRSHWTR 690 Undergraduate Seminar in Freshwater Sciences: (Subtitled). U

For information on additional U/G courses offered, please check the Schedule of Classes.

The School of Freshwater Sciences and its academic partners offer several options for undergraduate students seeking hands-on research and learning experiences:

Undergraduate Research Opportunities
Undergraduate Research Opportunities (UROPs) are for-credit research projects of varying lengths and on various topics conducted under the guidance of a UWM faculty or scientist mentor. UROPs are available to UWM undergraduates and are arranged through UWM's Office of Undergraduate Research.

Undergraduate Aquatic Biology and Mathematics Program
The Undergraduate Aquatic Biology and Mathematics (UBM) program offers paid, two-year research fellowships for UWM freshmen or sophomores interested in mathematical modeling and analysis of aquatic ecosystems. Fellows complete a series of for-credit courses and seminars and conduct research under the guidance of a UWM faculty mentor.

Research Experience for Undergraduates Program
The Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program offers opportunities for both UWM and non-UWM undergraduates to engage in research under the guidance of a UWM faculty or scientist mentor as part of a paid summer internship. This national program is sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

Remotely Operated Vehicle Team
The Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Team is an official UWM organization open to all UWM undergraduates. Team members design and build an ROV for an annual, international competition under the guidance of a UWM scientist mentor.