University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

School of Freshwater Sciences

All Things Water - Past Seminars


04/27/11 - The role of Chinook salmon in the Lake Michigan sport fishery
Pradeep Hirethota, Fisheries Biologist
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

04/12/11 - Brewing a sustainable infrastructure future: Milwaukee's green and grey pipes
Tom Chapman, PE, Watercourse Section Manager
Karen Sands, AICP, Manager of Sustainability
Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District

03/30/11 - Fishing for solutions to our toxic environment
Daniel Weber, Senior Scientist
UWM, Children's Environmental Health Sciences Center

03/08/11 - Lake Michigan: Where does all the water come from, and where does it all go?
Paul Roebber, Professor
UWM School of Freshwater Sciences and Department of Mathematical Sciences (Atmospheric Sciences Group)

02/23/11 - Charting New Waters: National challenges, local solutions
Susie Seidelman, Environmental Program Associate
The Johnson Foundation at Wingspread

02/11/11 - Microbial contamination of drinking water: US and global perspectives
Timothy Ford, Vice President for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies
University of New England

02/08/11 - Taking human-occupied vehicles deeper into the ocean: Science made possible in Cudahy, Wisconsin
Tom Furman, Chief Design Engineer
Ladish Forging


11/30/10 - Water, water everywhere: Water-related illness in children in the United States
Marc Gorelick
Professor of Pediatrics and Population Health, Medical College of Wisconsin
Jon E. Vice Chair of Emergency Medicine, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
Associate Director, Children’s Research Institute

11/10/10 - Flotsam or jetsam? Invasive species litter the bottom of Lake Michigan
Russell Cuhel, Senior Scientist
UWM School of Freshwater Sciences

10/13/10 - The Great Lakes in miniature: A peek into the lives of microplankton
Rudi Strickler, Shaw Distinguished Professor
UWM Department of Biological Sciences

09/28/10 - Engineers Without Borders: La Garrucha, Guatemala potable water system
Mike Paddock
Senior Project Manager, CH2M HILL
USA Board of Directors, Engineers Without Borders

09/14/10 - Projected climate impacts and adaptation strategies for Wisconsin's urban areas
David Liebl
Faculty Associate, UW-Madison Department of Engineering Professional Development
Statewide Extension Specialist, UW-Cooperative Solid and Hazardous Waste Education Center

04/28/10 - Aquaculture: Feast or famine?
Rick Goetz, Senior Scientist
UWM Great Lakes WATER Institute

04/13/10 - Deep groundwater? Shallow groundwater? Surface water? A water supply primer for southeast Wisconsin
Timothy Grundl, Professor
UWM Department of Geosciences

03/17/10 - UWM as a Zero-Discharge Zone: A progress report on stormwater work on the UWM campus
James Wasley, Associate Professor
UWM Department of Architecture

03/02/10 - Asian carp on the doorstep
Phil Moy, Fisheries and Invasive Species Specialist
University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute

02/17/10 - The other Great Lakes: Management challenges in the large lakes of East Africa
Harvey Bootsma, Associate Scientist
UWM Great Lakes WATER Institute


12/08/09 - Integrating urban planning into municipal water quality monitoring programs
Julie Kinzelman, Director of Health Department Laboratory
Racine Health Department

12/1/09 - Water resource sustainability: Lessons from the jungle
Jerry Kaster, Associate Professor
UWM Department of Biological Sciences

11/10/09 - The impact of persistent pollutants on Great Lakes fishes (and the people who eat them)
Michael Carvan, Associate Scientist
UWM Great Lakes WATER Institute

11/03/09 - Urban pollution impacts on Lake Michigan
Sandra McLellan, Associate Scientist
UWM Great Lakes WATER Institute

10/21/09 - Emerging contaminants and the Great Lakes: Pharmaceuticals and nanomaterials
Rebecca Klaper, Shaw Assistant Scientist
UWM Great Lakes WATER Institute

10/07/09 - Southeastern Wisconsin Watersheds Trust: A new partnership toward water quality
Nancy Frank, Associate Professor
UWM Department of Urban Planning

09/22/09 - Balancing the risks and benefits of Great Lakes fish consumption: The tribal fisheries perspective
John Dellinger, Professor
UWM Department of Health Sciences

05/13/09 - Between a rock and a hard place: Linking an invasive to fisheries decline
Carmen Aguilar, Associate Scientist
UWM Great Lakes WATER Institute

04/28/09 - Organic chemicals in the Great Lakes: Fate and transport determined from fingerprinting
Erik Christensen, Professor
UWM Department of Civil Engineering and Mechanics

04/08/09 - The Water Cluster: Assets and opportunities
Sammis White, Associate Dean
UWM School of Continuing Education

03/11/09 - The economics of water
Bill Holahan, Professor and Chair
UWM Department of Economics

02/24/09 - Why UWM has an opportunity to lead
Val Klump, Senior Scientist and Director
UWM Great Lakes WATER Institute