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School of Freshwater Sciences

For the Community

Part of the School of Freshwater Science's (SFS) mission is to foster a better understanding of the world's freshwater resources through community outreach. In keeping with this mission, SFS offers programs and information for students of various ages and for the general public.

For K-12

jason_logoJASON Project
The JASON Project is a multimedia, interdisciplinary science and technology program for middle school students. It includes a print curriculum, free online access to a featured scientific mission, professional development, and a live broadcast at the Milwaukee Public Museum where students can showcase their own research via poster sessions and other projects.



Lake Sturgeon Bowl
The Lake Sturgeon Bowl is a regional competition of the National Ocean Sciences Bowl, an annual trivia competition that tests the marine and freshwater knowledge of high school students.


Ocean Odyssey
The Ocean Odyssey recruits under-represented Milwaukee high school students and their teachers to utilize a scaled approach to prepare for the Lake Sturgeon Bowl competition, extend their knowledge of the Great Lakes and oceans, and participate in field work on Lake Michigan.

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For the Public


Our Waters

Our Waters is an educational series about water issues, including beach water quality, Lake Michigan's food web, the Great Lakes Compact, diversions of Great Lakes water, and more.