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Welcome to our collection of media clips about the School of Freshwater Sciences and the Great Lakes WATER Institute. Note that links may expire or change over time and some sites require a password.


Project Milwaukee: Does Chicago need Milwaukee? audio_icon
06-10-2011 – WUWM News, Milwaukee

UWM names founding dean of the School of Freshwater Sciences
06-08-2011 – BizTimes Milwaukee

UWM names freshwater school's founding dean
06-07-2011 – Business Journal of Greater Milwaukee

UWM names dean of School of Freshwater Sciences
06-07-2011 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Milwaukee's water-driven economic strategy gains recognition
05-07-2011 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Lovell named UWM chancellor
04-14-2011 – Business Journal of Greater Milwaukee

Business leaders praise UWM chancellor decision
04-14-2011 – Business Journal of Greater Milwaukee

Finalists selected for water school dean
03-20-2011 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Milwaukee's inner harbor filled with promise
03-09-2011 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

3 Surprising Ways Global Warming Could Make You Sick
03-01-2011 – National Geographic News

Capturing China's water needs
01-22-2011 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Grant funds Center for Water Policy at UWM
01-19-2011 – Business Journal of Greater Milwaukee

Water think tank gets grant
01-19-2011 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Cleveland Councilman Mike Polensek rails that sewage treatment system amounts to mistreatment of Lake Erie
01-04-2011 – PolitiFact

Where our well gets its water
01-02-2011 – Bay View Compass


Wisconsin sees a hot future
09-08-2010 – Milwaukee News Buzz

Farm-raised fish available locally
08-31-2010 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Researchers link rain and illness
08-30-2010 – Bay View Compass

Sink or source? Figuring Great Lakes' role in climate change video_icon
08-16-2010 – Chicago Tribune

EPA Head Promotes Partnership & Rain Gardens in Milwaukee audio_icon
08-06-2010 – WUWM News, Milwaukee

Lake Michigan water heats up this summer
08-04-2010 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

EPA chief to visit Milwaukee, meet water leaders
08-04-2010 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Sewage Dumping - Another Assault on Lake Michigan audio_icon
07-29-2010 – WUWM News, Milwaukee

UWM School of Freshwater Sciences awarded $525,000 grant
07-22-2010 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

UWM Freshwater School wins trainee grant
07-22-2010 – Business Journal of Greater Milwaukee

U.S. Senate to consider grant for UWM Freshwater Sciences building
07-21-2010 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Kohl requests $5M for water tech accelerator
07-19-2010 – Business Journal of Greater Milwaukee

California water firm intends to expand in Milwaukee
07-17-2010 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Water technology company plans Milwaukee plant
07-16-2010 – Business Journal of Greater Milwaukee

Federal Great Lakes Restoration Initiative grants announced
07-01-2010 – Bay View Compass

School of Freshwater Sciences
07-01-2010 – Bay View Compass

School of Freshwater Sciences on two sites
07-01-2010 – Bay View Compass

Microbes a gauge of Gulf Oil spill's effect
06-26-2010 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Asian Carp Found Beyond Barriers in Illinois video_icon
06-23-2010 – WISN 12, Milwaukee

Local Researchers Study Impact of Oil Spill audio_icon
06-22-2010 – WUWM News, Milwaukee

UW-Milwaukee moves forward with School of Freshwater Sciences
06-04-2010 – Chicago Tribune

Freshwater School to Have Two Homes audio_icon
06-04-2010 – WUWM News, Milwaukee

UWM Picks Two Locations for its School of Freshwater Sciences audio_icon
06-03-2010 – WUWM News, Milwaukee

UWM names 2 sites for School of Freshwater Sciences
06-03-2010 – Business Journal of Greater Milwaukee

UW-Milwaukee targets two sites for water school video_icon
06-03-2010 – Daily Reporter

UWM Water School plan includes privately funded building
06-03-2010 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

What's in your wetland?
06-02-2010 – Bay View Compass

Great Lakes Water Levels Drop video_icon
05-19-2010 – WISN 12, Milwaukee

Fish are Jumping--Off Assembly Line
05-14-2010 – Wall Street Journal

Aquatic invaders come in small packages, too
05-01-2010 – Bay View Compass

Land, lakes linked underground
04-01-2010 – Bay View Compass

Meet Milwaukee: Manufacturing has deep roots, but new industries secure Milwaukee's economic future
04-2010 – Southwest Airlines Spirit

Marquette, UWM launch joint research program for water industry
03-09-2010 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

OPINION: From failure to scientific success
03-06-2010 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Lake Huron sinkholes harbor unexpected life forms
03-01-2010 – Bay View Compass

Students dive into aquatic science at Lake Sturgeon Bowl
03-01-2010 – Bay View Compass

Surf's up! Marshfield wins oceanography quiz bowl
02-06-2010 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Perch return to local waters–in an old factory
02-05-2010 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Robot week: Rover carries heavy instruments through Great Lakes surf
01-30-2010 – Great Lakes Echo

Robot week: Lure of nearshore data prompts a Great Lakes buoy arms race
01-29-2010 – Great Lakes Echo

OPINION: Climate change: Believe it
01-09-2010 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Great Lakes ice rhythms
01-03-2010 – Bay View Compass


Local Scientists Speak Out on Climate Change audio_icon
12-14-2009 – WUWM News, Milwaukee

Project Milwaukee: The Great Lakes WATER Institute's role audio_icon
12-11-2009 – WUWM Lake Effect, Milwaukee

Project Milwaukee: Successful Industry Hubs Inspire Water Proponents audio_icon
12-10-2009 – WUWM News, Milwaukee

Project Milwaukee: What's Needed to Move Forward With Water Hub audio_icon
12-09-2009 – WUWM News, Milwaukee

The Great Lakes: Saudia Arabia of water?
12-09-2009 – Providence Journal

Project Milwaukee: The Business of Water audio_icon
12-08-2009 – WUWM News, Milwaukee

Project Milwaukee: The Water That Made Milwaukee Famous audio_icon
12-07-2009 – WUWM News, Milwaukee

Asian Carp–Lake Michigan's Next Threat? audio_icon
12-03-2009 – WUWM News, Milwaukee

Poison To Keep Asian Carp Away From Great Lakes video_icon
12-02-2009 – WISN 12, Milwaukee

The incredible, indelible cormorant
11-24-2009 – Bay View Compass

Wisconsin to ban phosphorous in dish detergent starting July 2010 video_icon
11-12-2009 – WITI 6, Milwaukee

Turning Great Lakes wind into energy
10-30-2009 – Bay View Compass

Greatest of Lakes Hit by Climate Change
10-22-2009 – Inter Press Service

Collection effort to keep medicine out of water supply
10-01-2009 – Journal Times

Oak Creek Power Plant artificial reef
10-01-2009 – Bay View Compass

Proposed freshwater school site needs help
09-26-2009 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Environmental health chief in Milwaukee to hear citizen concerns
09-25-2009 – PhysOrg

OPINION: A cost at both ends of the pipe
09-19-2009 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

A day in the life of the Neeskay
08-28-2009 – Bay View Compass

Sandra McLellan discusses sewage in Milwaukee storm water on Eye to Eye video_icon
08-09-2009 – WDJT 58, Milwaukee

UWM partners with industry on water technology
08-06-2009 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Study Finds Sewage in Milwaukee Water video_icon
08-03-2009 – WISN 12, Milwaukee

New study finds fecal pollution in Milwaukee area waterways video_icon
08-03-2009 – WITI 6, Milwaukee

Human Waste Leaking Into Storm Water System video_icon
08-03-2009 – WTMJ 4, Milwaukee

Study finds sewage pollution in Milwaukee
08-03-2009 – United Press International

Storm sewers oozing human fecal bacteria to beaches, rivers, study finds
08-02-2009 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Down on the farm in Bay View
07-31-2009 – Bay View Compass

Reclaiming the Kinnickinnic River
07-31-2009 – Bay View Compass

Doyle compares state's water technology industry to beginnings of dairy industry
07-20-2009 – WisBusiness

One Step Closer to Sweet Water Goal audio_icon
07-16-2009 – WUWM News, Milwaukee

Seven get UWM Catalyst grants to push science toward its commercial potential
07-15-2009 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The Business of Water
07-15-2009 – Shepherd Express

A Great Man of the Inland Seas audio_icon
07-01-2009 – WUWM News, Milwaukee

Mercury still subtly hazardous
06-29-2009 – Bay View Compass

Strategies for Reducing Sewage Overflows audio_icon
06-25-2009 – WUWM News, Milwaukee

Diverting Great Lakes Water audio_icon
06-10-2009 – WUWM Lake Effect, Milwaukee

Rooftop gardens all about growth
06-05-2009 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

UW-Whitewater, Water Council partner to train students in water-related industries
06-02-2009 – BizTimes

UW-Whitewater, Milwaukee 7 Water Council to jointly train students
06-02-2009 – Business Journal of Greater Milwaukee

UWM School of Freshwater Sciences Would be National Leader audio_icon
05-29-2009 – WUWM News, Milwaukee

Flood of '08 served up feast for fish
05-28-2009 – Bay View Compass

Water's edge
05-2009 – My Midwest

Little quagga mussel has big impact on Lake Michigan
04-28-2009 – Bay View Compass

UN names Milwaukee a water technology hub
04-27-2009 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Veolia Water NA funds research into emerging water issues
04-22-2009 – WaterWorld Magazine

State Plans to Pour Money into UWM audio_icon
03-17-2009 – WUWM News, Milwaukee

Doyle wants $240 million for expansion at UWM
03-16-2009 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Doyle including $240M in budget for UWM
03-16-2009 – Business Journal of Greater Milwaukee

Milwaukee business leaders hail Doyle's proposed UWM investments
03-16-2009 – BizTimes Milwaukee

OPINION: Water hub? We should dive in
03-14-2009 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Floating some big ideas
03-07-2009 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Milwaukee institute tackles hunger with fish
03-06-2009 – Chicago Tribune

From research lab to fish fry plate
03-06-2009 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

A New Fish Business on Milwaukee's Horizon audio_icon
03-04-2009 – WUWM News, Milwaukee

Milwaukee's Innovators
03-2009 – My Midwest

What does the Great Lakes Compact mean for water conservation?
02-26-2009 – Bay View Compass

Sturgeon spearing science despite spectacle
02-18-2009 – Wisconsin State Journal

Sturgeon spearers bring in 506 fish
02-15-2009 – Post Crescent

Building a hub of freshwater R&D
02-12-2009 – Business Journal of Greater Milwaukee

Water After the Pact audio_icon
02-05-2009 – WUWM Lake Effect, Milwaukee

Bringing aquaculture to Milwaukee
01-30-2009 – Bay View Compass

Milwaukee's urban farmer
01-28-2009 – Christian Science Monitor

Nerve Regeneration Research at UWM audio_icon
01-22-2009 – WUWM UWM Today, Milwaukee

The Next Generation
01-01-2009 – Milwaukee Magazine


A tale of two fishes
12-30-2008 – Bay View Compass

Lake levels and climate change
11-25-2008 – Bay View Compass

Sturgeon: Special Report (Part 2 of 2)
11-05-2008 – Bay View Compass

Plan seeks to show students water industry
10-07-2008 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Water, water everywhere
10-2008 – Hemispheres

Sturgeon: Special Report (Part 1 of 2)
09-27-2008 – Bay View Compass

The pulse of a river
08-29-2008 – Bay View Compass

Shorewood residents hope to revive Atwater Beach
08-09-2008 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Something Fishy At State Fair audio_icon
08-04-2008 – WUWM News, Milwaukee

Underwater, a disturbing new world
07-30-2008 – Chicago Tribune

Sun, Sand, Surf–and Science
07-25-2008 – Bay View Compass

Chinese delegation studies state's water treatment business
07-26-2008 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The Wisconsin Water Way: Building cooperation around a vital resource
07-23-2008 – Wisconsin Technology Network

OPINION: Editorial: Building water power
07-21-2008 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

OPINION: Access to water is a key right
07-20-2008 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Milwaukee called upon to launch water initiatives
07-14-2008 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

UWM getting $300,000 in federal funds to boost freshwater industry
07-14-2008 – BizTimes Milwaukee

New water agency invites Chinese to study Fox River cleanup
07-14-2008 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The secret lives of copepods
07-2008 – Bay View Compass

Ecological problem, economic distress
06-30-2008 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Miller donation will help clean up Bradford Beach
06-24-2008 – BizTimes Milwaukee

Miller to donate $500,000 to Bradford Beach group
06-24-2008 – Business Journal of Greater Milwaukee

High-Speed Auto Ferry Builds Environmental Partnerships
06-24-2008 – Reuters

Increasing Water Levels Become Beneficial To Lake Michigan video_icon
06-18-2008 – WISN 12, Milwaukee

Lake Express and UWM partnering to study Lake Michigan CO2
06-18-2008 – BizTimes Milwaukee

Lake Express partnering with UWM on research
06-12-2008 – Business Journal of Greater Milwaukee

Researchers Tracking Sewage Plume in Lake Michigan audio_icon
06-10-2008 – WUWM News, Milwaukee

Regents approve two new schools for UWM
06-07-2008 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Public health, freshwater sciences schools get UW regents OK
06-06-2008 – Chicago Tribune

The Search for Lake Trout video_icon
06-06-2008 – NPR Science Friday

Water, water everywhere. Let's study it.
06-05-2008 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Transgenic fish could shed light on contamination
05/06-2008 – Bay View Compass

Design and Function Blend at Bradford Beach audio_icon
05-20-2008 – WUWM News, Milwaukee

Great Lakes Water Issues video_icon audio_icon
05-16-2008 – NPR Science Friday

Inland Seas audio_icon
04-24-2008 – WUWM Lake Effect, Milwaukee

Perched on the edge of a comeback
04-19-2008 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Researching a new wave of water pollutants
04-2008 – Bay View Compass

Urban Aquaculture Center offers cutting-edge fish production
04-02-2008 – OnMilwaukee

Zebra mussel hits landmark
03-24-2008 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

OPINION: Editorial: Our drugged waters
03-14-2008 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Drug disposal advocated for lake's sake
03-11-2008 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Snow Melt Key to Ground Water Supplies audio_icon
03-06-2008 – WUWM News, Milwaukee

The Politics of Water
03-01-2008 – Milwaukee Magazine

On the trail of waterborne pathogens
03-2008 – Bay View Compass

Aquaculture Could Put Milwaukee on the Map audio_icon
02-29-2008 – WUWM News, Milwaukee

New MMSD operator Veolia giving $1.5 million to UWM's Great Lakes WATER Research Institute
02-22-2008 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

OPINION: Editorial: Studies that are all wet
02-19-2008 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Cultivating perch for fish fries, posterity
02-11-2008 – Capital Times

Sturgeon book research uncovers surprises
02-07-2008 – Post-Crescent

California responders to invasive mussels may learn from Midwest
02-01-2008 – Pinnacle

The Great Lakes Compact
02-2008 – Bay View Compass

Prey fish dwindling in Lake Michigan
01-23-2008 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Musseling into the Great Lakes food chain audio_icon
01-21-2008 – Wisconsin Radio Network

Tribe plans to get fishery running again
01-09-2008 – Inter-County Leader

More than a grain of salt
01-2008 – Bay View Compass


Tackling the yellow perch puzzle
12-2007 – Bay View Compass

Testing nanotech toxicity
11-2007 – Bay View Compass

Cycle of Invasives audio_icon
10-12-2007 – Interlochen Public Radio

Great Lakes algae outbreak confounds experts
10-09-2009 – Associated Press

Great Lakes' innovation potential barely tapped
10-07-2007 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Thirty-five years after passage of the Clean Water Act, focus now on nonpoint-source pollution abatement
10-2007 – Bay View Compass

Studying the Great Lakes in Africa audio_icon
09-13-2007 – WUWM UWM Today, Milwaukee

Some take plunge into big water
09-08-2007 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Nuisance algae cause a stink
09-2007 – Bay View Compass

BP backpedals on increasing lake pollution
08-24-2007 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Winds of change in Green Bay
08-2007 – Bay View Compass

A crude trade-off for the lake
08-16-2007 – Journal Times

Invasion of the Belle River blobs
Windsor Star

Kohler-Andrae beaches closed 11 times this year
08-07-2007 – Sheboygan Press

Three beaches posted
07-26-2007 – Sun Times

Water technology seen as way to replenish region's economy
07-26-2007 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Algae becomes growing concern
07-22-2007 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Mussel beach: Quaggas creating more of an algae mess
07-18-2007 – Muskegon Chronicle

Where the lake breathes CO2
07-2007 – Bay View Compass

UWM's Water Institute audio_icon
06-21-2007 – WUWM UWM Today, Milwaukee

Medicine disposal programs rise
06-03-2007 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Researching Africa's Great Lakes
06-2007 – Bay View Compass

Not fit for swimmers
05-04-2007 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Deadly fish disease video_icon
05-03-2007 – WTMJ 4, Milwaukee

Network of high-tech buoys to be deployed
05-2007 – Bay View Compass

La Crosse County officials hope to avert problems from drugs in the waterways
04-23-2007 – La Crosse Tribune

Pipe leak sending sewage into creek
04-17-2007 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

It's sun fish vs. mussels in Az canal
04-14-2007 – Tuscon Citizen

The Changing Great Lakes audio_icon
04-04-2007 – WUWM Lake Effect, Milwaukee

Tracking changes in Lake Michigan's food web
04-2007 – Bay View Compass

Miller Park toilets flush into river, lake
03-14-2007 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Sewers may be polluting rec areas
03-11-2007 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Budgeting our groundwater
03-2007 – Bay View Compass

Source of fecal matter studied
02-27-2007 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Exploring the Mid-lake reef
02-2007 – Bay View Compass

Honey Creek tainted with human waste
01-21-2007 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Lost and Found: Lake Michigan's lake trout
01-2007 – Bay View Compass

Going green: Milwaukee green roofs offer aesthetic and environmental benefits
2007 – BlueGreen


Feed the gulls, spoil our beaches
11-2006 – Bay View Compass

OPINION: Well Good
10-08-2006 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Drug Disposal audio_icon
09-14-2006 – WUWM Lake Effect, Milwaukee

The Lost River
09-01-2006 – Milwaukee Magazine

Zebrafish studies may unlock secrets to repairing nerves
08-13-2006 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dirty Beaches
07-26-2006 – WITI 6, Milwaukee

Study of fish food holds key to stable population
06-26-2006 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Looking to soak up lake's potential
06-25-2006 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Racine's North Beach shows 'em how it's done
06-25-2006 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Guardians of the Great Lakes
05-2006 – Exclusively Yours

A new invasion: Quagga mussels take over lake
05-13-2006 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Earth Day at South Shore Park
04-2006 – Bay View Compass

A scourge of the '70s returns to Great Lakes
03-30-2006 – Christian Science Monitor

Drugs in Our Water audio_icon
02-16-2009 – WUWM UWM Today, Milwaukee


Robot can swim with the fishes, monitoring the lake
10-07-2005 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The new drug enforcement agents: Drinking water latest focus of pharmaceuticals
07-07-2005 – Shepherd Express

More flushed pharmaceuticals turning up in our waterways
07-01-2005 – Seattle Times

Pharmaceuticals in Waterways Raise Concern
06-23-2005 – Washington Post

WARNING: Side effects can be severe, Common drugs are seeping into our lakes, fish, and water supply
05-28-2005 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Mercury emissions and new Federal legislation
05-26-2005 – WUWM At Ten, Milwaukee

Panel tackles water supply issue
04-27-2005 – Daily Reporter

The Center for Functional and Environmental Genomics
02-28-2005 – WUWM At Ten, Milwaukee

MMSD panel endorses beach cleaning plan
02-14-2005 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Scientists say "clean" rain runoff is polluting beach
01-14-2005 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Researchers to Probe Algae on Lake Shore
08-20-2004 – All News

The Sewage Problem You Haven't Seen
07-21-2004 – WTMJ 4, Milwaukee

Dumping Dispute
06-15-2004 – WISN 12, Milwaukee

The Green Roof
06-04-2004 – WUWM At Ten, Milwaukee

Environmental experts say goal of clean water remains elusive
05-27-2004 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

What's in the air?
04-28-2004 – WVTV 18, Milwaukee

Research to determine if bacteria is from gulls
04-12-2004 – Racine Journal Times

Scientists take samples to help preserve species
02-15-2004 – Fond du Lac Reporter

Beach safety not just a summer issue
01-27-2004 – Manitowoc Herald Times


Volcanoes at the Bottom of the Lake at Yellowstone
10-29-2003 – WUWM At Ten, Milwaukee

Keeping the water safe
10-19-2003 – Business Journal of Greater Milwaukee

Harvey Bootsma "Takes Five"
08-20-2003 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Zebra Fish Could Be Key to Detecting Water Contamination
08-11-2003 – WISC 3, Madison

They swim. They glow. And they could fight terrorism, thanks to Milwaukee scientists
08-11-2003 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Water defense lab operating in Milwaukee
08-04-2003 – Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter

Going With the Flow - How the suburbs are helping close the beaches
07-03-2003 – Shepherd Express

Lake Sturgeon Back in Milwaukee River after 100 Years
05-15-2003 – Environmental News Service

Sturgeons resurging, with help
05-13-2003 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Scientist questions beach closings
05-09-2003 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Perch Drop Linked to Decline in Food Supply
03-13-2003 – Green Bay Press Gazette

Lakes comeback sought for sturgeon
03-07-2003 – St. Paul Pioneer Press

With spearing season ahead, fish in Lake Winnebago system could number up to 50,000
02-06-2003 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Beaches to be tested more often
01-21-2003 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Fetal Alcohol Research
2002 – WUWM At Ten, Milwaukee

Fresh Water Resources
2002 – WUWM At Ten, Milwaukee

Experts can't pin down surge in beach closings
10-28-2002 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Scientists recommend a fresh look at fresh water
07-21-2002 – Minneapolis Star Tribune

Biologists Breathe New Life Into Sturgeon's Ancient Habitat
07-02-2002 – New York Times

WATER Institute gets $2 million for expansion
04-14-2002 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dead algae turning fresh water foul
04-06-2002 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Research ties gulls to pollution
08-27-2001 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Honoring the ancient ones
06-2001 – Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine

Thermal Features Bubble in Yellowstone Lake
05-25-2001 – Science