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School of Freshwater Sciences

New Program for Fall! Applied Urban Aquaculture Undergraduate Certificate

Prepare for a career in this emerging industry!
15 credit program begins Fall 2014
Intensive Urban Aquaculture is an innovative process by which large quantities of freshwater fish are grown in repurposed urban buildings.

Urban aquaculture techniques developed at UWM School of Freshwater Sciences promote the use of integrated, organic fish and vegetable production systems that utilize green technology, water reuse, zero effluent discharge, and energy conservation.The 15 credit undergraduate certificate program in Applied Urban Aquaculture will prepare students for jobs in the emerging aquaculture industry.

Your expertise and experience in large-scale and intensive aquaculture systems will help bring clean, sustainable food to urban populations while providing economic development and much-needed jobs to inner-city populations throughout the Midwest, with urban Milwaukee at their center.

Click here for the Applied Urban Aquaculture Site

Courses begin Fall 2014
  • Ichthyology
  • Finfish Aquaculture & Nutrition Principles
  • Aquaculture Water Chemistry & Aquatic Microbiology
Spring 2015 Courses
  • Principles of Aquaculture Systems
  • Fish Health
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Contact Jhonatan Sepulveda Villet, Assistant Professor, Certificate Program Coordinator:

Program Requirements
  • Current UWM students must have Junior standing
  • Other undergraduate students, or those who have previously earned a bachelor's degree may apply as non-degree students.
  • Students interested in, or currently pursuing a Master's degree should contact Dr. Sepulveda Villet for more information.
  • Prerequisite coursework:
    • Chemistry 104: General Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis
    • Biology 152: Foundations of Biological Sciences II
    • Math 116:  College Algebra
    • BioSci 101: General Survey of Microbiology OR BioSci 383: General Microbiology