University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

School of Freshwater Sciences

Images from the field: SFS students investigate a spill

A green plume mysteriously appeared in the SFS slip.
School of Freshwater Sciences Quantitative Freshwater Analysis students took to the water last fall to investigate a simulated hazardous materials spill in Milwaukee’s Inner Harbor.
SFS Professor and Associate Dean of Research Val Klump and SFS Assistant Professor Jim Waples distributed research assignments to six teams of students, who were tasked with identifying the source of a fluorescent liquid, evaluating where and how fast the contaminant was spreading and predicting any adverse environmental effects.
The teams studied the spill and its properties from the dock and from various SFS vessels (the Osprey, pontoon boat and two rowboats) using equipment such as drogues, YSI sondes, secchi disc, cables, a rangefinder and other electronic devices. Click here for more pictures of the mystery spill.

Students measure the depth of the slip off the side of the Osprey, one of the SFS boats.

PhD student Shelby LaBuhn explains the uses of a YSI Sonde.
Boat Madness: