University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

School of Freshwater Sciences

GrundlTim Grundl

Professor, School of Freshwater Sciences
and Department of Geosciences

Phone: 414-382-1744 (Freshwater Sciences); 414-229-4765 (Geosciences)


PhD, Geochemistry, Colorado School of Mines, 1988
MS, Geology, Northern Illinois University, 1980
BS, Geology, University of Delaware, 1975

Research interests

  • The overall geochemistry of the deep sandstone aquifer of the upper Midwest. The last of the Pleistocene ice advances injected a large pulse of fresh water into this aquifer, and through the use of noble gas and stable isotope data, we are unraveling the dynamics of this one-time event.
  • The effects on shallow aquifers if treated effluent is used to recharge the aquifer either directly or indirectly by the use of riverbank filtration.
  • The development of a suite of in-situ probes for the rapid, screening-level detection of contamination in submerged sediments. These probes induce contaminant fluorescence using laser or x-ray excitation.

Recent and selected publications

Elam, T., Grundl, T., Leupin, O., Descostes, M., (2013) "Design of an In-situ XRF Instrument for Elemental Diffusion Measurements" Advances in X-ray Analysis. Vol 56:157-166.

Grundl, T. J., Magnusson, N., Brennwald, M., Kipfer, R. (2013) Mechanisms of subglacial groundwater recharge as derived from noble gas, 14C and stable isotopic data. Earth Planetary Sci. Let. 369-370:78-85.

Winkel, L.H.E., Johnson, C.A., Lenz, M., Grundl, T., Leupin, O.X., Amini, M., Charlet, L. (2012). Environmental Selenium-From Microscopic Processes to Global Understanding. Environmental Science and Technology (feature article), 46(2), 571-579.

Grundl, T., Haderlein, S., Nurmi, J., Tratnyek, P. (2011). Introduction to aquatic redox chemistry. In Tratnyek, P., Grundl, T., Haderlein, S. (Ed.), "Aquatic Redox Chemistry" ACS Symposium Series Vol. 1071, Oxford University Press, pp. 1-14.

Alessi D and Grundl T. 2008. Reduction of 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene (TNT) and hexahydro-1,3,5- trinitro1,3,5-triazine (RDX) by hydroxyl-complexed Fe(II). Journal of Environmental Engineering 134(12): 937-943.

Klump S, Grundl T, Purtschert R, and Kipfer R. 2008. Groundwater and climate dynamics derived from noble gas, 14C and stable isotope data. Geology 36(5): 395-398.