University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

School of Freshwater Sciences

mclellanSandra McLellan

Professor and Senior Scientist, School of Freshwater Sciences

Phone: 414-382-1747
Fax: 414-382-1705


PhD, Environmental Health, University of Cincinnati Medical Center, 1998
BS, Health Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1990

Research interests

The major research focus of my laboratory is to investigate the connections between environmental processes and human health. Urban coastal areas are greatly impacted by pollution sources including stormwater runoff and sewage overflows. Oftentimes, pathogens are present that can contaminate our beaches and drinking water supplies. The overall goal of our research is understand pathogen fate in large freshwater systems such as the Great Lakes, and develop new approaches for assessing pollution sources so that strategies can be devised to protect the Great Lakes and human health.

Recent and selected publications

Newton, R.J., M.J. Bootsma, H.G. Morrison2, M.L. Sogin, S.L. McLellan. 2012. Microbial signatures of fecal pollution in the waters off an urbanized coast of Lake Michigan. Microbial Ecology (in press)

McLellan, S.L., R.J. Newton, J.L. VandeWalle, O.C. Shanks, S.M. Huse, A.M. Eren and M.L. Sogin. 2012. Sewage reflects the distribution of human fecal Lachnospiraceae. Environ. Microbiol. (in press)

Shanks, OC., R.J. Newton, C.A. Kelty, S.M. Huse, M.L. Sogin and S.L. McLellan.. 2012. Comparison of microbial community structure in untreated wastewater from different geographic locales. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. (in press)

VandeWalle, J.L., G.W. Goetz, S.M. Huse, E.N. Andreishcheva, M.L. Sogin, and S.L. McLellan. Acinetobacter, Aeromonas, and Trichococcus dominate the microbial community within urban sewer infrastructure. Environmental Microbiology. 14(9):2538-2552.

Newton, R. J., J. VandeWalle, M. A. Borchardt, M. H. Gorelick, and S. L. McLellan. 2011. Lachnospiraceae and Bacteroidales alternative fecal indicators reveal chronic human sewage contamination in an urban harbor. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 77 (19): 6972-6981.

Shanks, O. C., C. A. Kelty, S. Archibeque, M. Jenkins, R. J. Newton, S. L. McLellan, S. M. Huse, and M. L. Sogin. 2011. Community structure of cattle fecal bacteria from different animal feeding operations. Appl Environ Microbiol. 77:2992-3001.

Sauer, E.P., P.A. Bower, M.J. Bootsma, S.L. McLellan. 2011. Detection of the human specific Bacteroides genetic marker provides evidence of widespread sewage contamination of stormwater in the urban environment. Water Research 45:4081-4091.

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