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Freshwater System Dynamics


Freshwater System Dynamics

How do freshwater systems work? This is the basic question SFS’s research program in Freshwater System Dynamics seeks to answer. Our researchers study the physical, chemical, geological, and biological components of freshwater systems—including how these components change, cycle, and interact over timescales ranging from microseconds to millennia, and on spatial scales ranging from the molecular to the global.

SFS’s research in this area is improving our basic understanding of freshwater systems and generating the knowledge needed to manage these systems in a sustainable manner that preserves their functional integrity.

Freshwater system dynamics research draws upon many disciplines, including limnology, ecology, biology, chemistry, geology, physics, hydrology, meteorology, and mathematics.

Faculty and scientists

Aguilar, Carmen
Effects of invasive species on food web interactions and ecophysiology
Binkowski, Frederick P.
Fisheries biology, lake sturgeon biology, early life history of Great Lakes fishes, aquaculture, urban aquaculture
Bootsma, Harvey
Tropical limnology, nutrient cycling, food webs, carbon dynamics
Cuhel, Russell L.
Microbiogeochemical ecophysiology, physical-chemical-biological coupling, time series analysis, hydrothermal vents, lithotrophy, undergraduate research opportunities
Grundl, Tim
Groundwater chemistry, contaminant transport and degradation, environmental tracers
Guo, Laodong
Biogeochemistry, carbon cycle, colloids and nanoparticles, stable isotopes, radionuclides, environmental change
Janssen, John
Fisheries ecology, biological oceanography
Kaster, Jerry L.
Function and evolution of freshwater and marine invertebrates
Klaper, Rebecca
Genomics, emerging contaminants, pharmaceuticals, nanomaterials, toxicology, nanotoxicology, ecology, biomarkers, water policy
Klump, J. Val
Biogeochemistry, limnology, radiochemistry, nutrient and carbon cycling, observing systems
Roebber, Paul J.
Air-water interactions, synoptic-dynamic and mesoscale meteorology, numerical modeling, data analysis
Waples, James
Biogeochemistry, carbon cycling, radiochemistry