Application Process

When to Apply
You are encouraged to apply early. The sooner UWM receives a completed application, the sooner you will receive an admission decision! Applications for fall are first accepted the preceding September and spring applications are accepted the preceding summer.

We encourage you to complete the on-line application rather than using a paper form. On-line applications are received on the business day following submission and are entered in the student database shortly thereafter. You may request other materials be sent to you by contacting the Office of Adult and Returning Student Services.

The Application for Admission (Degree-seeking or Non-degree)
  • Degree:
    You may apply electronically, but be sure to specify the proper category of application you are submitting. The categories and process for each are outlined in Admission Requirements and in each category's website.

    Effective September 1, 2008, the undergraduate application fee is $44.

  • Non-degree
    You may apply electronically. Be aware that there is no application fee to apply for non-degree admission as an undergraduate student. You will be notified by mail when you have been admitted as a non-degree student, generally within 10 days of application submission.

  • Degree:
    Please see Reentry Students, New Freshmen or New Transfers for more information regarding transcripts and applying as a degree student. You may be required to submit official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions if you are applying as a School/College Special Student.

  • Non-degree:
    If you are applying as a non-degree student through the Office of Adult and Returning Student Services (OARSS), you will not need to supply transcripts with your application unless you are requested to do so.

Schedule of Classes
You may want to view UWM's course selection before you decide to apply for admission. You may use the electronic version of the Schedule of Classes. Copies of the printed Schedule of Classes are also available at any public library in the Milwaukee area, surrounding suburbs, and selected nearby towns. It may also be obtained in person at the Office of Adult and Returning Student Services (OARSS), Mellencamp Hall, Room 212 or from the Enrollment Services Information Area, Second Floor, Mellencamp Hall.