Who am I?
You may be able to gain admission to UWM in a variety of ways; however, it is in your best interest to use the proper application based upon your specific circumstances and goals.

Staff in the Department of Admissions and Recruitment will be pleased to help you decide on the proper application process if you still have questions after reading this website.

We are here to help!
Advisors in Admissions and Recruitment will meet with you by appointment, in person, or by telephone to answer your questions. Our advisors are committed to understanding the concerns of adults returning to school, having been there ourselves! We will be happy to provide information on UWM's programs and services, advise you on choosing an academic program, or discuss your prior academic records. Contact us!

Admission Categories Defined (Degree-seeking versus Non-degree)
Undergraduate degree-seeking student categories include the following:
  • New Freshman
    If you did not attend school beyond high school, you are considered a new freshman, regardless of your age. You may read about new freshman requirements on the new freshman website, or contact us before you submit an application as a new freshman.

  • Transfer
    If you attended school beyond the high school level (at a technical college or other university) you may be considered a transfer student, regardless of how many years have passed since you last attended. You may read about transfer student requirements on the site for new transfers. If you think you may not meet UWM's admission requirements, be sure to contact Admissions and Recruitment to discuss your options for admission before you submit an application for a degree program.

  • Re-entry
    If you have previously attended UWM as a degree candidate, you are considered a re-entry student. If you are not sure of your prior status at UWM, please contact us.

  • Graduate Programs
    If you wish to earn graduate level credits, whether or not you want to be in a graduate program, you need to apply to the UWM Graduate School.

  • Second Undergraduate degree or New Major
    If you have already earned a four-year degree and want to earn a second undergraduate degree, or just want to complete the requirements for a second major, be sure to apply as a Second Undergraduate Degree or New Major student.

Note: It is important to know if you qualify for admission to a degree program BEFORE submitting your application. If you are denied admission to a degree program, you cannot be subsequently admitted as a non-degree student for the same semester. You would have to wait until the following semester to apply as a non-degree student, or try to attend a two-year college. An advisor in Admissions and Recruitment will be glad to help you determine this. It may be as easy as a phone call!

Undergraduate non-degree student categories include the following:
  • University Special Student
    You need to apply as a University Special Student if you would like to take credited classes for the "university experience," or to establish a grade point average to gain admission to a degree program. In most cases, non-degree students are NOT eligible for financial aid other than scholarships. You may also apply as a University Special Student if you have a degree and will be taking classes in preparation for a graduate program.

  • Auditor/Audit-only Student
    If you would like to take classes only for personal enrichment and not for credit (auditing), you may apply as a University Special Student. Many University classes are open to auditors, and the instructor sets the attendance and any coursework standards. Fees are reduced for students who are auditing all their courses. Information on courses open to auditors can be found under Special Grading Options in the Schedule of Classes (see also senior auditor, below).

  • Senior Auditor
    If you are a Wisconsin resident and 60 years or older you may qualify to audit classes free of charge on a space-available basis with instructor approval. Complete the electronic application for admission to the 60 and Over Audit program. Please mail in a copy of your driver's license or a birth certificate to confirm your age to participate in this program.
An Important Note! In most cases, University Special Students (non-degree) are not eligible for federal or state financial aid in any form. Therefore, it's wise to work with your advisor to determine if you are eligible for aid, when would be the earliest time to apply to a degree program, or whether to explore other options that would suit your circumstance better.

  • Summer or UWinteriM Guest Student
    If you are a degree student at another institution and plan to attend UWM only during the summer (or UWinteriM), and then transfer those courses to the other institution, you need to apply as a Summer or UWinteriM Guest student.

    You should apply as a Summer or UWinteriM Guest student if you want to take a class ONLY during the summer or winter break (such as a teacher taking a class to renew a certification license). After you complete the session at UWM, request an Official Transcript to transfer your credits back to your home institution.
  • School/College Special Student
    If you already have a four-year degree, but want to earn a particular certificate or teacher certification, apply for undergraduate admission (for an Additional Major/Minor/Certification). In some circumstances a School/College Special Student may be eligible for financial aid. Contact the Financial Aid Department if you need further clarification.

Visiting Campus
Visiting UWM and taking a tour will give you a personal feel for campus, the ability to ask current students questions, gather information on campus resources and activities, and so much more. If you are an adult who is returning to campus and you would like a tour sign up at

To help you with the layout of the campus before you arrive, and to view the parking areas, see a map of UWM.