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The First 60 Credits

UWM’s College of Letters and Science offers a completely online freshman and sophomore undergraduate curriculum that provides the necessary foundation courses to complete the University’s General Education Requirements. These courses are offered in a fully online format and can lead to the completion of a degree in conjunction with one of UWM’s online majors.

Contact: Senior Advisor Andy Cuneo,, HOLTON 157, 414-229-2787

UWM’s General Education Requirements

Course Options in the First 60 Credits


100 Black Reality: Survey of African-American Society
102 Survey of African-American Literature
Art History
101 Ancient and Medieval Art and Architecture
103 History of Architecture
105 Asian Art and Architecture
241 Introduction to Baroque Art
250 Introduction to American Art
261 Modern Art
170 Classical Mythology
171 Classical Mythology: An Audio-Visual Supplement
201 Introduction to Greek Life and Literature
304 The Graeco-Roman World
Comparative Literature (Comp Lit)
133 Contemporary Imagination in Literature and the Arts
135 Experiencing Literature in the 21st Century
207 World Literature in Translation: Antiquity through the 1600s
111 Entertainment Arts: Film, TV, and the Internet
150 Multicultural America
209 Language in the United States
215 Introduction to English studies
276 Introduction to American Indian Literature
279 Introduction to Latino/a Literature
281 Introduction to African-American Literature
290 Introduction to Film Studies
295 Women and Film
372 Survey of American Indian Literature
115 Seminar in Advanced Topics in Scandinavian Culture
132 World History Since 1500
150 Multicultural America
202 The Ancient World: The Roman Republic and Empire
235 English History to 1688
267 The History of Latinos in the United States
Jewish Studies
101 Jewish Culture in America: History, Literature, Film
247 Topics in Jewish Literature, Art, Culture
Journalism and Mass Communication
113 Internet Culture
214 Advertising in American Society
260 Contemporary Non-Fiction Media
361 Media Ethics
200 Aspects of Language
111 Informal Logic--- Critical Reasoning
235 Philosophical Aspects of Feminism
243 Moral Problems
Women's Studies
201 Introduction to Women's Studies: A Humanities Perspective

Natural Sciences

103 Survey of Astronomy
Atmospheric Sciences
109 Thunderstorms, Tornadoes and Hurricanes
Biological Sciences
103 Topics in Modern Biology
120 Our Physical Environment
125 Introduction to Environmental Geography
105 Earth, Air, Fire and Water
106 The Earth Environment
150 Introduction to Ocean Sciences
Mathematical Statistics
215 Elementary Statistical Analysis
254 Physiological Psychology

Social Studies

102 Introduction to Anthropology: Culture and Society
104 Lifeways in Different Cultures: Survey of World Societies
250 Women's Roles in Cross-Cultural Perspectives
101 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
105 Business and Professional Communication
350 Intercultural Communication
103 Principles of Microeconomics
104 Principles of Macroeconomics
110 The World: Peoples and Regions
114 Geography of Race in the United States
350 Conservation of Natural Resources
Global Studies
101 Introduction to Global Studies I: People and Politics
151 American History 1607-1877
152 American History 1877 to the Present
Journalism and Mass Communication
101 Introduction to Mass Media
212 Language and Gender
Political Science
104 Introduction to American Government and Politics
105 State Politics
106 Politics of the World's Nations
175 Introduction to International Relations
213 Urban Government and Politics
215 Ethnicity, Religion and Race in American Politics
243 Public Administration
255 Great Issues of Politics
101 Introduction to Psychology
205 Personality
260 Child Psychology
101 Introduction to Sociology
103 World Society
104 Introduction to Social Psychology
150 Multicultural America
233 Social Inequality in the United States
241 Criminology
250 Sex and Gender
323 Perspectives on Latino Communities
Urban Studies
250 Exploring the Urban Environment
360 Perspectives on the Urban Scene
Women's Studies
200 Introduction to Women's Studies: A Social Science Perspective