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"I will say that I like the approach that the professors take with online classes. I thought I wouldn't feel like a UWM student, as if the online students were separate. I feel like the professors treat online students the same as a student they see daily and I appreciate that." - Current Student

"I also feel like there still is a stigma around online and non-traditional schools, so I knew UWM was right for me when I could get a traditional degree from a traditional school in a non-traditional way." - Current Student

"When I tell people I'm an English major, they usually roll their eyes since they don't know what you can do with that degree! I love that UWM has it broken down into specialties so I can add that I'm working towards professional & technical writing. A generalized English degree wouldn't have worked for me." - Current Student

"…often I e-mail other Professors. Often they are fast to respond, and I find them accessible, even more accessible than some on-campus Professors." - Current Student

"I am glad to see that UWM is well ahead of their times in realizing that working adults may want to advance their careers too and may not have the luxury of quitting their job. I really want to get my degree but not at the sake of having to quit my job and my family losing the lifestyle they are used to." - Current Student

"I chose UWM because I wanted a degree from a traditional school but be able to take classes on my time." - Current Student

"If I had a choice to make over again, I would still choose UWM. I have been satisfied with how things have turned out. I would recommend UWM to others." - Current Student

"UWM offers flexibility of scheduling, top notch instruction; nice facilities (love the Soref Learning Commons and the fact that it's open 24 hours)." - Current Student

"I love the program and all the support from the staff and instructors at UWM." - Current Student