Welcome to the Gait Analysis and Biodynamics Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's web page!


The Gait Analysis and Biodynamics Laboratory, located at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, is a research laboratory with core competencies in the areas of whole-body biomechanics, clinical and functional rehabilitation strategies and biotribology with the goals of developing and assessing ergonomic improvements and rehabilitation therapy. Research interests of the lab include: 1) evaluating and developing clinical rehabilitation therapies and/or ergonomic interventions for improving functional gait and fall prevention in the following population cohorts: orthopaedic disability patients, sensory disorder patients, amputees, aging adults and working adults; 2) analysis of upper extremity joint dynamics during assistive mobility device usage; and 3) using tribology techniques to improve slipperiness assessment methods and slip-resistant properties of shoe-floor surfaces. 


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We employ undergraduate students, graduate students, post-docs, and staff.