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Subjects Needed

Climbing Technique & Ladder Balance

Primary Investigator:    Kurt Beschorner, Ph.D.
                                        4090 North 1st St. #201C
Milwaukee, WI 53212
(414) 229-6403

Eligibility:        18-65 year old adults

 Climb ladders as part of job.

Participation:  Subjects will climbstable and unstable ladders

Motion capture technology will be used to measure motion and electromyography will be used to record muscle activity.

Location:            Testing will occur at the Gait and Biodynamics Laboratory at the University Services 
Research Building on North 1st Street.

Compensation:   Participants will receive compensation for their travel and time.

Contact:              Please contact Erika Pliner or Alyssa Paul at (414) 229-4137 for more information.