Multidisciplinary Connections

Faculty, staff, and students in an extensive variety of university departments and centers are using GIS as part of their research, education, and service activities. University units most engaged in GIS applications are listed below. The web pages of the individual units can be directly accessed.

University Departments, Units, and Centers

The UWM GIS Council

At UWM, an interdisciplinary group of faculty and staff from departments and institutions such as the American Geographical Society Map Library, Anthropology, Biological Sciences, Cartography and GIS Center, Center for Architecture and Urban Planning Research, Center for Continuing Engineering Education, Center for Urban Initiatives and Research, Civil Engineering, Economics, Geography, Geosciences, Great Lakes WATER Institute, History, Information and Media Technologies, Institute for Survey and Policy Research, Nursing, Urban Planning, and Urban Studies has been meeting on a regular basis since 1990 to share information and promote a multidisciplinary GIS capability at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee.

The UWM GIS Council worked collaboratively to prepare this web page and the university's application for membership in the University Consortium for Geographic Information Systems (UCGIS). The membership of the group has pledged to meet together regularly in order to:

  • share findings on GIS-related research
  • explore new GIS applications (e.g., GIS on the internet)
  • identify and implement strategies for sharing facilities, equipment, and instruction across university units
  • collaboratively examine GIS software opportunities and strategies for cost-effective software acquisition, and
  • promote broadly--on the campus and in the community--instruction in and utilization of GIS as an important tool in analysis, planning, and evaluation.

GIS Council Officers/ UCGIS Delegates

Donna Genzmer, Director, Cartography & GIS Center (GIS Council Chair; UCGIS Alternate Delegate)
Ivy Hu, Professor, Department of Urban Planning
Changshan Wu, Professor, Department of Geography