GIS Degree Programs

Current GIS instruction at UWM includes opportunities for an undergraduate degree track, certificates, and for specialization within graduate programs. These courses earn points towards certification as a GISP, GIS Professional, through the GIS Certification Institute. These opportunities include the following:

Department of Geography

The Department of Geography offers undergraduate majors a Geographic Information Science track option in their degree program. A Geography Master's degree is offered with a GIS focus in thesis/non-thesis options, as well as a doctoral degree which can include an emphasis in GIS.

Department of Urban Planning

The Department of Urban Planning offers a transcript-designated Concentration in Geographic Information Systems as one of its 6 emphases within the Master of Urban Planning Degree.

Ph.D students have also specialized in GIS in Architecture, and Urban Studies. A multidisciplinary Ph.D. program is another option for students who wish to specialize in GIS.

Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information System

For those who desire to prepare for a career in geographic information systems, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) offers a formal course of study in GIS technology leading to a Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems. This program recognizes the multidisciplinary nature of GIS technology and application by identifying a prescribed set of GIS-related courses from three different departments on campus so that students can obtain critical background and skills that relate to GIS technology: database management, cartography, remote sensing, surveying, etc.

Department of Criminal Justice

The Department of Criminal Justice offers undergraduate majors a Crime Analysis Minor. Crime analysts use tools such as GIS to map and analyze crime patterns and help police address crime trends and allocate resources.