Peter Armstrong, Geography Department
Jeff Arp, City of Milwaukee, GIS Certificate Recipient
Kristin Bennett, AICP, City of Milwaukee
Marcy Bidney, American Geographical Society Library
Chris Brannin, Shoreland, Inc., GIS Certificate Recipient
Emily Champagne, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District
Hugh Christie, GIS Certificate Recipient, GIS Club, Urban Planning Department
Brian Clarke, Arlington Heights Police Department
Tom Consi, Freshwater Science, Mechanical Engineering Department
Ryan Covington, Geography Department
Patti Day, Geography Department
Chris Dickerson, GIS Club, GIS Certificate Student, Harley-Davidson, Urban Planning Department
Donna Genzmer, GISP, Cartography and Geographic Information Science Center
Kay Guildner, American Geographical Society Library
Sara Hackbarth, American Transmission Company
Doug Hadley, Landscape Architecture Department, UW-Madison
Alice Hagen, City of Milwaukee
Scott Hand, Integrys Energy, GITA WI Chapter
Aaron Hartmann, American Transmission Company
Ivy Hu, Urban Planning Department
Bill Huxhold, GISP, Urban Planning Department
Shannon Kail, Cartography and Geographic Information Science Center, Racine County Real Estate Descriptions Office, GIS Certificate Recipient
Brett Ketter, Geosciences Department
Emily Kort, Cartography and Geographic Information Science Center
Dean Larson, Pictometry
Greg Latsch, GIS Certificate Student
Tim Marquardt, WE Energies, GITA WI Chapter, GIS Certificate Recipient
Melanie McCalmont, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
Kurt Meingast, Urban Planning Department
Julee Mitchell, GIS Certificate Student
Patrick Nehring, UW-Extension Waushara County
Lance Parve, Wisconsin Department of Transportation, GIS Certificate Recipient
Tim Pearson, General Mitchell International Airport, GIS Certificate Recipient
Michael Puissant, UWM Libraries
Curtis Pulford, Wisconsin Geographic Information Office
Anne Reis, Urban Ecology Center, GIS Certificate Recipient
Matt Richardson, Milwaukee Data Initiative
Jovanka Ristic, American Geographical Society Library
Mark Salling, GISCorps, Cleveland State University
Matthew Schumwinger,, Department of Urban Planning
Dan Senner, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District
Bill Shaw, Milwaukee County, GITA Wisconsin Chapter
Kim Silbersack, UWM Libraries
Len Socha, Wisconsin Public Service Corporation
Allan James Vestal, Milwaukee Journal Sentinal
Jana Viel, Geography Department, GIS Certificate Student, GIS Club
Greg Walters, CityWorks
Charles Kenneth Woodall, Center for Transportation Education and Development