Peter Armstrong, Center for Economic Development
Jeff Arp, Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee, GIS Certificate Recipient
Christopher Baruth, American Geographical Society Library
Jim Beaudoin, Applied Population Laboratory, University of Wisconsin/ UW-Extension
Michael Benter, Center for Urban Initiatives and Research
Kirsten M. M. Beyer, Institute for Health and Society, Medical College of Wisconsin
Michael Bricknell, WI State Cartographer's Office, University of Wisconin-Madison
Brian Clarke, Palatine Police Department, GIS Certificate Recipient
Todd Clausen, Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee
Bill Cozzens, Waukesha County, Wisconsin Land Information Association
Chris Dickerson, GIS Club
Michael Fondow, GIS Club, ASPRS Student Chapter
Eric Fowler, American Transmission Corporation, GITA Wisconsin Chapter
Glen Fredlund, Geography Department, Conservation and Environmental Science
Donna Genzmer, GISP, Cartography and Geographic Information Science Center
Kay Guildner, American Geographical Society Library
Sara Hackbarth, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District
Alice Hagen, City of Milwaukee
David Horvath, GIS Club
Mat Houser, University Information Technology Services
Diana Hu, URS, GIS Certificate Recipient
Ivy Hu, Urban Planning Department
Daniel Huffman, Department of Geography, UW-Madison
Bill Huxhold, GISP, Urban Planning Department
John Hyden, GIS Certificate Student
Wansoo Im, Community Mapping-VERTICES
Ken Jenkins, URS, GIS Certificate Recipient
Terry Johnson, Center for Urban Initiatives and Research
Tim Kennedy, WI State Cartographer's Office
Brett Ketter, Geosciences Department
Anke Keuser, Geography Department, GIS Club, ASPRS Student Chapter
Philip Klein, Wisconsin Department of Children and Families, Division of Family and Economic Security, Bureau of Working Families
Greg Latsch, GIS Certificate Student
Melissa Mann, Urban Planning Department
Tom McClintock, Land Information & Computer Graphics Facility, UW-Madison
Emily McGinley, Medical College of Wisconsin
Kurt Meingast, Urban Planning Department
Dave Misun, Kapur & Associates, Inc.
Brian Nicholls, Archaeology Research Laboratory
Dave Rasmussen, University Information Technology Services
Anne Reis, GIS Club, Biological Sciences Department, Cartography and Geographic Information Science Center, GIS Certificate Recipient
Ben Redding, Continental Mapping Consultants
Jovanka Ristic, American Geographical Society Library
Lisa Schelling, American Geographical Society Library
Dan Seidensticker, Madison Area Transportation Planning Board
Bill Shaw, Milwaukee County, GITA Wisconsin Chapter
Kim Silbersack, UWM Libraries
Frank Stetzer, College of Nursing
Kimberly Thomas-Britt, GIS Club
Jason Tilidetzke, GIS Club, ASPRS Student Chapter
Andy Tillman, ASPRS Student Chapter at UWM, GIS Club, Alumni
Karen Tuerk, GIS Certificate Program, UW-Madison
Charles Kenneth Woodall, Center for Transportation Education and Development
AJ Wortley, WI State Cartographer's Office, Wisconsin Land Information Association
Changshan Wu, Geography Department