Jeff Arp, City of Milwaukee, GIS Certificate Recipient
Kara Barnes, GIS Club
Craig D. Best, US Census Bureau
Marcy Bidney, American Geographical Society Library
Chris Brannin, Shoreland, Inc., GIS Certificate Recipient
Barry Cameron, Geosciences Department
Emily Champagne, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District
Hugh Christie, GIS Certificate Recipient, GIS Club, Urban Planning Department
Nelida Cortes, GIS Club, GIS Certificate Student, Urban Studies Department
Bill Cozzens, Waukesha County, Esri WI User Group (EWUG), Wisconsin Land Information Association (WLIA)
Brian Davidson, Geography Department, UW-Madison
Chris Dickerson, GIS ClubGIS Certificate StudentUrban Planning Department
Brendan Dickey, Geography Department, University of South Carolina
Devin Dickey, Geography Department, University of South Carolina
Ryan Dolan, US Census Bureau
Jay Feiker, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, GIS Certificate Recipient
Nick Fisher, Harley-Davidson
Eric Fowler, American Transmission Corporation, GITA Wisconsin Chapter
Donna Genzmer, GISP, Cartography and Geographic Information Science Center
Martin Goettl, Geography and Anthropology Department, UW-Eau Claire
Kay Guildner, American Geographical Society Library
Sara Hackbarth, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District
Alice Hagen, City of Milwaukee
Erin Hamilton, Geography Department, UW-Madison
Brenda Hemstead, State Cartographer's Office, UW-Madison
Ivy Hu, Urban Planning Department
Daniel Huffman, NACIS and somethingaboutmaps
Bill Huxhold, GISP, Urban Planning Department
Wansoo Im, Vertices; Rutgers University
Angela Jackson, Geography Department, GIS Club
Terry Johnson, Center for Urban Initiatives and Research
Joseph Kerski, Esri Education Team
Brett Ketter, Geosciences Department
Sarah Klingman-Cole, GIS Certificate Student, GIS Club
Joseph Larsen, Geography Department, GIS Certificate Student, GIS Club
Greg Latsch, GIS Certificate Student
David Long, Applied Population Lab, UW-Madison
Melissa Mann, Urban Planning Department, GIS Certificate Recipient
Kurt Meingast, Urban Planning Department
Patrick Nehring, UW-Extension Waushara County
Amanda Nenning, GIS Club
David Peters, City of Rockford (IL) Public Works
Laxmi Ramasubramanian, Hunter College, University Consortium for Geographic Information Science
Dave Rasmussen, University Information Technology Services
Ben Redding, Continental Mapping Consultants, American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Anne Reis, Urban Ecology Center, GIS Certificate Recipient
Matt Richardson, Milwaukee Data Initiative
Jay Riester, Seiler Instrument
Jovanka Ristic, American Geographical Society Library
Kyle Saunders, City of Rockford (IL) Public Works
Paul Schneider, American Transmission Corporation
Jon Schwichtenberg, Graef; Wisconsin Land Information Association
Amanda Seligman, Encyclopedia of Milwaukee Project, History Department, Urban Studies Department 
Kim Silbersack, UWM Libraries
Michael Stirewalt, Geography Department, University of South Carolina
Lisa Sutton, American Geographical Society Library
Howard Veregin, State Cartographer's Office, UW-Madison
Jana Viel, Geography Department, GIS Certificate Student, GIS Club
Changshan Wu, Geography Department