GIS News 2006-07

Professional, student-led GIS Club established at UWM

GIS Club 2006-07Founding members Brian Thayer, Kyle Noll, Rama Mohapatra, and Greg Rybarczyk have been successful in creating a new student organization "which would help unite anyone enrolled at UWM who shares a common interest in pursuing GIS as a career."

The club's first item of business is to create some flyers to distribute during GIS Day and take a leadership role in providing lab assistance to the nine workshops taking place that day. They have also made arrangements to have a table set up during the vendor demonstrations where a poster will highlight the multidisciplinary nature of GIS. It is hoped this approach will help generate interest among students who have not been exposed to some of the potential applications of the technology. Brian goes on to say, "We hope the [membership] list grows considerably in the coming months."

Membership forms and flyers will be available at GIS Day.


Mike Kumbera's Article in ArcNews

Kumbera GISIn MUP and Certificate student Mike Kumbera's article in the Winter 2006/2007 issue of ARCNEWS, Symbiont and the City of Milwaukee were recognized for innovative use of geographic information system (GIS) and global positioning system (GPS) technologies as part of a remedial excavation project performed by Symbiont at a brownfields property located in Milwaukee. ARCNEWS is published quarterly by the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), and is the largest GIS publication in the world, with an estimated global readership of more than 600,000 professionals.

Mike says his internship project "was a brownfield site in Milwaukee that needed to be excavated to be in compliance with residential soil standards. We used a GPS to collect topographic data on the site as well as manage the depths of the excavation. We used GIS to manage the GPS data collected on site, identify coordinates to stake-out the excavation areas, perform cut/fill's to calculate"

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