Support Agreement for ESRI ArcIMS/ArcGIS/ArcSDE Technology at UWM

Support Agreement

Current Support Agreement

Special support: version 4.0
date: July 16, 2011
term: 7/1/11-6/30/12

Previous Support Agreement:

Special support: version 3.0


This agreement defines the provisions for hosting and supporting the ESRI ArcIMS, ArcGIS and ArcSDE applications for general campus use.

Key Personnel:

  • The Service Manager is the professional responsible for managing service, primary escalation of problem resolution as well as technical project management and coordination.
  • The Project Manager is the GIS Council representative who will serve as the primary contact for coordinating services or addressing issues and concerns.
  • Individual User Group IT contacts.
  • The specific individuals and contact information are listed in Addendum 02.

GIS Council Responsibilities:

  • Appointment of Project Manager and backup.
  • Appointment of ArcIMS/ArcGIS/ArcSDE Server subcommittee.
  • Development of policies and procedures for use of technologies involved in this project.
    • User accounts
    • Quotas
    • Sunset dates
    • Downtime Policies
    • Custom Domain name URL for the server – like
    • Create an escalation tree
  • Write and submit an Ed Tech Proposal to extend this support agreement through subsequent years.

College of Letters and Science Responsibilities:

[In consultation with SARUP, acquisition and deployment of server technology. (2007)]

Individual User Group Responsibilities:

Appoint IT contact for each user group

SARUP Responsibilities:

Server Hosting:

  • Operational services:
    • Monitoring of server uptime and status. The Project Manager will be immediately notified of any detected problems.
  • Environmental services for equipment:
    • Connection to conditioned power.
    • Connection to Uninterrupted Power Supply.
    • Connection to the campus network backbone.
    • Space for equipment.
  • A minimum of 24-hour advance notice warning for scheduled downtime, to be scheduled in consultation with the designated Project Manager.
  • Scheduled reboots happen between 1am – 3am, key service functionality will be verified after reboot.
  • Server OS or ESRI service packs are installed after 6 PM or later with consultation with the Project Manager with reboot scheduled 1am – 3am.
  • Server OS/ESRI Software version changes happen on the weekends and are complete by Monday Morning with consultation with the Project Manager.

Server Support:

  • Installation and setup of the server and the operating system.
  • General day-to-day system hardware and software administration, maintenance, and support:
    • First-line troubleshooting and assessment of problems (including servers, network, power, UPS, etc.) with notification regarding cause and resolution of problems.
    • Server performance tuning.
    • Administration of operating system.
    • Installation, setup and ongoing support of installed operating system and apply, as needed, patches or upgrades.
  • First-line troubleshooting and assessment of problems with notification to the Project Manager regarding cause and resolution of problems.
  • In consultation with the Project Manager, designate a monthly window for server maintenance.
  • A minimum of 24-hour advance notice/warning for routine server maintenance or downtime, to be scheduled in consultation with the Project Manager.
  • Non-routine maintenance – emergency patches or repairs, security issues, etc. – will be undertaken in rare cases. Care will be taken to minimize client impact. The Project Manager will be notified as soon as possible with an estimation of downtime.
  • Server backup

Support Website:

Creating & Maintaining the Support Website for ArcIMS, & ArcGIS server.

Application Support:

  • Coordination of enhancements/upgrades.
  • Setup, testing, maintenance and problem resolution.
  • Software application development and/or installation.
  • Account administration.
  • Implement GIS Council policies.
  • Hardware maintenance agreements.
  • Software maintenance agreements.
  • SSL Certificates, if needed.

A meeting will be held, at a minimum quarterly or as requested by any party, to review the services defined in this Support Agreement. These review meetings will include evaluating the quality of service rendered, the response and resolution times for server related problems, and the status of any outstanding issues. The authorizing individuals (or their designates) must mutually agree to any changes in this agreement and either party may request a review of this agreement at any time.


Patricia L. Kissinger   Date
Assistant Dean
College of Letters & Science


Stephen L. Percy   Date
Academic Program Director
Center for Urban Initiatives and Research


Ewa E. Barczyk   Date
UWM Libraries


Stephen R. Heidt   Date
Assistant Dean
School of Architecture and Urban Planning

Addendum 01 Fees

Funded with an Ed Tech Grant (Proposal linked here)
TOTAL $1,000.00

Transfer funds to:
Organization Name: School of Architecture and Urban Planning
Fund: 101-6
Organization No.: B11-0101

Addendum 02 Key Personnel

Service Manager:

Name: Kurt R Meingast
Title: Associate Information Processing Consultant
Department: Administration Office
Address: Arch & Urban Planning 150A
Office Phone: (414) 229-6007

Project Manager (Interim):

Name: Donna Genzmer
Title: Director
Department: Cartography & GIS Center
Office Address: Bolton 420
Office Phone: (414) 229-4865

GIS Council subcommittee for ArcIMS/ArcGIS/ArcSDE Technology:

Donna Genzmer
Jim Kavanagh
Kurt Meingast
Melissa Mann
Lisa Schelling
Mark Schwartz
Individual User Group IT Contacts:
To be determined by GIS Council subcommittee

Policies and Procedures:

version F date: July 16, 2011

A. User accounts

A user will request an account through a professor. The user or the professor will fill out the online request form (available at The online form will automatically generate an email to the professor, who will then forward the email to Kurt Meingast ( This will ensure that only valid users will have accounts.

User accounts will only be upgraded one software update. 

Any accounts created by a student user for an entity need to have a sunset date and a maintenance plan that does not involve Kurt Meingast or Joyce Witebsky.

B. Quotas

Project data storage space will be limited to 115GB. Additional storage space will be allotted at the discretion of the technical manager, Kurt Meingast.

C. Sunset dates

All accounts will be effective through June 30, 2012. This is when the current support agreement expires.

D. Downtime policies

In the event the server needs to be down, Kurt Meingast will email all users with accounts, all IT contacts, and all subcommittee members. The contact list is shown below.

Contact list in the event the server will be down:

  1. All users with active accounts
  2. All ArcIMS subcommittee members and local IT representatives:
    Lisa Schelling
    (414) 229-6282
    Donna Genzmer Cartography & GIS Center (project manager) (414) 229-4685
    Terry Johnson CUIR (414) 229-3780
    Jim Kavanagh L&S (414) 229-5552
    Melissa Mann Urban Planning (262) 377-1308
    Kurt Meingast SARUP (technical manager) see F2 below
    Andy Ritter UWM Libraries (414) 229-6207
    Mark Schwartz Geography (414) 229-3740

E. Custom domain name URL for the server

The custom domain name URL is The instructions for general campus use is

F. Escalation tree

In the event of problems using ArcIMS/ArcGIS/ArcSDE, the users will contact their local user group IT contact person, who will then contact Kurt Meingast. This will ensure that local IT contacts as well as Kurt will be aware of problems. See the contact list below.

Contact List in the event of problems

  1. Contact Local IT Representative:
    L&S Jim Kavanagh (414) 229-5552
    CUIR Terry Johnson (414) 229-3780
    Libraries Andy Ritter (414) 229-6207
    SARUP/Others contact Kurt Meingast directly
    – see below

  2. Local IT Representative will contact Kurt Meingast:

    Contact Kurt by phone using the numbers below in the order they are given:

    1. Main Contact: (414) 828-9781
    2. Office Contact: (414) 229-6007
    3. Home Contact: (414) 906-1017
    4. Email: