Learn ArcGIS: Resources for the UWM Community

UW-System has a site license* for non-commercial use of certain ESRI software products by UWM students, faculty and staff on university-owned computers. Below is a list of resources available to the UWM community to learn ArcGIS. This is not a comprehensive list, nor is it an endorsement.

  • ESRI Self-Help Resources
    compiled by UW-Madison Land Information and Computer Graphics Facility. (Thanks to Math Heinzel!)Note: this page contains valuable information, BUT you should contact UWM staff.
  • GIS Basics at What is GIS at GIS.com
  • ESRI'S "New User" site which, in turn, lists 10 resources for learning GIS
  • Instructor-led class
  • Self-paced instruction
    • ESRI Virtual Campus course
      Some courses are free with our site license. For a listing of courses see the website or the UW-Madison LIC "ESRI Self-Help Resources" page. A site license discount may apply. Contact a campus ESRI GIS Specialist for more information. To enroll in a course, contact Donna Genzmer
    • ESRI Tutorials loaded on the computer.
      The default location is C:\ESRI_Library\Tutorials. Contact your IT staff if it isn't loaded. (unknown)
  • Self-directed instruction
    • Software manual available for check out from the UWM Library.
    • Help files that come with the program.
    • Self-help book. A site license discount may apply to books purchased through ESRI Press. Contact a campus ESRI GIS Specialist for more information.

*More information on the site license, ordering software, and FAQ's can be found on the UWM UITS software purchasing page or on the UW-System website. Students may be eligible to obtain an ArcGIS Student Edition One-Year Time-Out software. For more information see the ESRI Information on this program, and then contact UWM Software.

ArcGIS Online (AGOL) accounts are available to qualified students, faculty and staff in the UWM community at http://uwm.edu/software/arcgis-online/.

Students experiencing difficulty installing the ArcGIS Student Edition One-Year Time-Out software should refer to the following tutorials before contacting their TA: Arc10-3 Student Install Instructions or http://www.edc.uri.edu/nrs/classes/NRS522/News/StudentSoftwareInstall.html.