Learn ArcGIS: Resources for the UWM Community

UW-System has a site license* for non-commercial use of certain ESRI software products by UWM students, faculty and staff on university-owned computers. Below is a list of resources available to the UWM community to learn ArcGIS. This is not a comprehensive list, nor is it an endorsement.

  • ESRI Self-Help Resources
    compiled by UW-Madison Land Information and Computer Graphics Facility. (Thanks to Math Heinzel!)Note: this page contains valuable information, BUT you should contact UWM staff.
  • GIS Basics at What is GIS at GIS.com
  • ESRI'S "New User" site which, in turn, lists 10 resources for learning GIS
  • Instructor-led class
  • Self-paced instruction
    • ESRI Virtual Campus course
      Some courses are free with our site license. For a listing of courses see the website or the UW-Madison LIC "ESRI Self-Help Resources" page. A site license discount may apply. Contact a campus ESRI GIS Specialist for more information. To enroll in a course, contact Donna Genzmer
    • ESRI Tutorials loaded on the computer.
      The default location is C:\ESRI_Library\Tutorials. Contact your IT staff if it isn't loaded. (unknown)
  • Self-directed instruction
    • Software manual available for check out from the UWM Library.
    • Help files that come with the program.
    • Self-help book. A site license discount may apply to books purchased through ESRI Press. Contact a campus ESRI GIS Specialist for more information.

*More information on the site license, ordering software, and FAQ's can be found on the UWM UITS software purchasing page or on the UW-System website. Students may be eligible to obtain an ArcGIS 102.2 Student Edition One-Year Time-Out software. For more information see the ESRI Information on this program, and then contact your professor.

Students experiencing difficulty installing the ArcGIS Student Edition One-Year Time-Out software should refer to the following tutorials before contacting their TA: Arc10-3 Student Install Instructions or http://www.edc.uri.edu/nrs/classes/NRS522/News/StudentSoftwareInstall.html.