Certificate Alumni

Name Year Employer Title
Eric Fowler 1993 American Transmission Company GIS Project Manager
Bryan Maves 1993 City of Milwaukee Sr. Analyst – GIS
Peter Schoenfield, GISP  1993 County of Lake (IL) GIS/Mapping GIS Analyst Supervisor
Kevin Cassidy 1994
Lis Fremoth 1994
Dale Mohr 1994 UW-Extension (Oconto County, WI) Associate Professor, Community Resource Educator
Ernest Haefner 1994 (somewhere in Ohio)
Scott May 1994 US Bank (St. Paul) Site Analyst
Allen Kiel 1995 Anixter Project Manager
Chris Kane 1995 (peace corps)
Jack Riley 1996 Johnson Controls (Milwaukee) Process Engineer
Todd Niedermeyer, GISP 1996 Geographic Marketing Advantage Consultant
Arief Rahardjo 1996 PT Mega Mahadana Hadiya, Indonesia
IT Senior Manager
Jac Zader 1997 City of Mequon (WI) Assistant Director of Community Development, AICP
Paul Cockrell 1997 (deceased)
Nedd Niedermeyer 1997 American Transmission Company Sr. GIS Analyst
Jennifer Reek 1997 City of Brookfield (WI) GIS Coordinator
Terry Johnson 1997 UWM Center for Urban Initiatives and Research GIS Professional
Michael Phillips 1998 Fulton County (GA) GIS Specialist
Owen Manske 1998 Passport Health Communications Sr. Software Dev.
David Buck 1998 City of Oshkosh (WI)
Tim Marquardt 1998 RAMTeCH Corp.
Senior Consultant/Program Manager
Patrick Nehring 1998 UW-Extension, Waushara Co. Comm. Dev. Agent
Matt Peters 1998 someplace in California Municipal Planner
Uma (Rajasekaran) Harano 1998 ESRI, Redlands, CA Programmer
Dan Tilly, GISP 1998 Foth Infrastructure and Environment, LLC;
St. Norbert College
Lead GIS Specialist/Data Analyst, GISP;
Adjunct Professor
Kevin White 1998 National Geospatial Intelligence Agency Geospatial Intelligence Analyst
Robert Watson 1998
Carrie (Johnson) Haberstich 1999 Village of Skokie, IL Planner/CDBG Administrator, AICP
Simi Octania-Pole 1999 New Jersey Department of Health Dir., Data Systems, Comm. Disease
David Flack, GISP 1999 Ruekert & Mielke Senior GIS Analyst, GISP
Oliver Jan 1999 Taiwan
Brian Nicholls 2000 UWM Anthropology Sr. Proj. Mgr & GIS Specialst
Ben Greenberg 2000 Waukesha County Department of Parks and Land Use
Land Use Planner
Lori (Skotterud) Sommers, GISP 2000 Village of Palos Park (IL) Director of Community Development, AICP, GISP, LEED AP
Smitha Vijayan 2000
Michael Benedict, GISP 2001 Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District Sr. Systems Analyst, GISP
Joyce Witebsky 2001 UWM GIS Consultant
Donald Lyden 2001
John Zastrow, GISP 2001 Tetra Tech Scientist/Project Manager
Richard Watt 2001 City of Milwaukee, Department of City Development GIS Specialist
Brian Clarke 2002 Arlington Heights (IL) Police Dept Crime Analyst
Andrew Bremer 2003 Southwest WI R.P.C. Assoc. Planner/GIS Manager
Russell Camp 2003 (deceased)
Andy Cross 2003 City of Highland Park (IL) Planner II
Aaron Fahl 2003 Ruekert & Mielke Planning Consultant, AICP
Diana (Kanter) Schultz 2003 US Department of Agriculture Multi-Family Housing Area Technician
Julie Paulson 2003 Gundersen Lutheran Marketing Consultant
Tim Pearson, GISP 2003 General Mitchell International Airport GIS Coordinator
Xinyang Zhang 2003 TransCore Project Manager
Jacob Dye, GISP 2004 self-employed, Denver CO Independent GIS Consultant
Greg Rybarczyk 2004 University of Michigan-Flint, Geography Department Assistant Professor
Kim Weckerly 2004 UWM WATER Institute Sr Research Specialist
Ken Jenkins, GISP 2004 URS Nordic AB, Sweden Sustainability Practice Leader, Geospatial Sector Manager
Diana Hu 2004  
Kevin Bruhn 2004 Milwaukee County DTPW (WI) LIO-GIS Manager
Ahmed Abubaker 2005 AA Baker Architect
Krista Anderson, GISP 2005 St. Johns County (FL) GIS Analyst
Sutapa Chatterjee 2005 City of Austin, TX Senior GIS Analyst
Matthew Dolan 2005 LandQwest Director of Research & GIS Services
Kyle Noll 2005 UWM Geosciences Department Student
Neil May 2005
Peter Strand 2005 County of Eau Claire (WI) Geographic Information Specialist
Dereck Lorbiecki 2005 Water Utility at Esri (Colorado)
Solutions Engineer
Brian Thayer 2005 Zilber School of Public Health, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee GIS Specialist
H. Roger Hathaway
2005 Biomedical, Epidemiologic & Spatial Research, Inc. COO, CFO, Researcher
Lance Parve 2005 WisDOT, SE Wisconsin Project Engineer/Hydrogeologist
Rich Shaker 2005 Binghamton University Visiting Professor
Sam Snell 2005 Archaeologist
Bart Voskuil 2005 Western Carolina University Reference Librarian/ Environmental and Geosciences Liaison
Kate (West) Madison (Con) 2005 UWM Center for Economic Development Policy Analyst, AICP
Aaron Michelson (Con) 2005 Wisconsin Department of Transportation Urban and Regional Planner
Andrew Turner (Con) 2006 Keimyung University, South Korea Professor
Marc Gelenian 2006 Seeger Map Cartographer
Chet Lamers 2006 MSI General;
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
Sales/Project Director;
Capital Projects Manager
Julie (Kaim) Lancelle 2006 National Information Solutions Cooperative Telecommunications Mapping Implementer
Todd Reidenbach 2006 City of Fort Collins, CO GIS Mapping Specialist
Ann (Runyard) Scott
2006 WI DNR (Real Estate Section, Bureau of Facilities and Land) Land Records Officer/GIS Lead
Laura Burbacher 2006 SEWRPC Planner
Dr. Amy Person 2006 Biomedical, Epidemiologic & Spatial Research, Inc CEO, Principal Investigator
Jesse Bernhardt 2007 City of Dubuque (IA), Water Distribution GIS Specialist
Xiaojing Chen 2007
Phillip Simon 2007 Great Lakes Archaeological Research Center
Kevin Isaacson (f/k/a Jennifer Hanrahan) (Con) 2007 CompuCom Project Manager
Laura DiVergilio 2007 GIS & Environmental Science, Lake Oswego OR
Tim Schaefer (Con) 2007
Brian Fausel, GISP 2007 GeoAdvantage, Inc. GIS Analyst
Kenny Aderungboye (Con) 2008
Jeffrey Arp 2008 City Assessor's Office,
City of Milwaukee
Artency Davis 2008 (deceased)
Lee Frederick 2008 Milwaukee County (WI) GIS Specialist
Monique Hassman 2008 UW-Milwaukee Anthropology PhD student
Samuel Hildebrand 2008 Wachs Water Services, Buffalo Grove, IL GIS/Asset Management
Bradley Jacobi 2008
David Kanning 2008 Madison (WI) Area TPB Transportation Planner
Sara Krueger 2008 Arizona State Land Department
Water Resource Specialist
Richard Kubicek 2008 Great Lakes Archaeological Research Center Archaeologist
Mike Kumbera 2008 Village of Algonquin (IL) Admin. Analyst
Charles Leonard 2008 Buffalo Wild Wings Manager
Melissa Mann 2008 UWM Urban Planning;
Milwaukee County
GIS Technician
Stephan Mauel 2008 Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey GIS Analyst
Stefanie McLaughlin 2008 McMomma Crochet
Sean Meehan 2008
Kevin Mueller 2008 Commonwealth Cultural Resource Group Inc. – Wisconsin branch GIS Coordinator
Carlos Orozco 2008 Secretaria de Obras Publicas de Nuevo Leon, Mexico Coordinator
Matthew Robinson 2008 Shoreland, Inc. GIS & Malaria Projects Coordinator
Kerry McAuliffe Dore 2009 Marist College Instructor
David Karrer 2009 Lakefront Brewery
Rajeev Nanda 2009 Hospital and Health Care Professional
Anne Reis 2009 Urban Ecology Center Conservation Biologist;
GIS Specialist
Andy Tillman 2009 Department of City Development, City of Milwaukee;
Milwaukee County Transit System
Urban Planning and GIS Graduate Intern;
New Freedom Analyst
Xiaoji Xu (Con) 2009 Singapore State & City Planning Consultants
Brinda Athreya (Con) 2010    
Diana Chan 2010
Lance Dorn 2010 MacKenzie Commercial Real Estate Services, LLC GIS Specialist
Paul Geiger 2010 Environmental Services GIS Analyst
Jesse Jensen 2010 Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Drinking Water & Groundwater Field Supervisor
Tiffany LaBorde 2010 City of South Milwaukee GIS/Surveying Tech
Ryan Zastrow 2010
Rebecca Zawadiwsky 2010 Milwaukee Police Department Crime Analyst
Richard Edwards 2010 University of Wisconsin-Parkside Lecturer
Emily Engstrom 2010 Hoosier National Forest GIS Specialist
Reena Fernandes 2010 WE Energies GIS Specialist
Matthew Groshek 2010 US Army Corps of Engineers
Eric Pray 2010 City of Madison, WI Police Officer
Heath Anderson (Con) 2011 City of Appleton GIS Specialist
Mark Caldwell 2011 UWM Sociology Dept. PhD Student
Chris Jaeger 2011 City of Eau Claire Police Department Analyst
Rachana Kothari (Con) 2011 Racine County Economic Development Corp.
Economic Development Research Specialist
Adam Metaxes 2011 ArborMetrics Solutions Forester
Viet Pham 2011 UpLifting Lives, Chicago, IL GIS Technician Intern
Seth Underhill 2011 Concordia University Assistant Database Administrator
Anthony Weitzer 2011
Chris Brannin 2011 Shoreland, Inc.;
Tall Pines Conservancy
GIS Specialist;
Volunteer GIS Specialist
Meagan Duever 2011 K-State Libraries, Kansas State University Data Services Librarian
Patrick Ryan 2011
Chris Berge 2012
Hugh Christie 2012    
Michelle Dolnik (Con) 2012 Chicago Transit Authority Analyst Bus Scheduling
Jay Feiker 2012 Facilities Information Department, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District GIS Technician
Niki Hill (Con) 2012 City of Shoreview, MN Economic Development and Planning Associate
Stephen Hudak 2012 Wind Lake Solutions GIS Analyst
Elissa Hulit 2012 Commonwealth Cultural Resources Group GIS Coordinator
John Hyden 2012
Julie Janowak 2012 Badger Meter RF Network Engineer
Michael Kavalar (Con) 2012 Skidmore Owings & Merrill LLP, Urban Design Studio GIS Strategist
Dammon Kroll 2012
Jarrett Livesey 2012 City of New Berlin, WI
Department of Community Development
GIS Technician
Gunnar Lorbiecki 2012 Cityworks | Azteca Systems, Inc. Technical Support Representative
Melanie Mossing 2012 Beaver Creek Hydrology
Stream Restoration Specialist
Lindsay Robinson 2012 UWM Anthropology Department Masters Student
Thomas Zych 2012 UWM Cultural Resource Management Services Archaeological Analytical Specialist
George Dominiak 2012 DRS Technologies Planner II
Miguel Espinoza 2012    
Stephen Appel 2013 UWM American Geographical Society Library
Kyle Engelking (Con) 2013 Symbiont GIS Specialist
Lisa Haselow 2013 Continental Properties Company Land Planner
Shannon Kail 2013 Milwaukee Police Department Crime Analyst
Lane Masoud (Con) 2013 Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA), Lansing MI System Planner
Will Mobley (Con) 2013 Hazard Reduction & Recovery Center, Texas A&M University PhD Student; Research Assistant
Kate Riordan (Con) 2013 City of Fort Wayne
Transportation Planner
Matthew Schueler 2013 American Transmission Company Asset Management Specialist/GIS
Jason Tilidetzke (Con) 2013 KS Energy Services Field Engineer
Vince Ferguson 2013 Dakota County, MN Planning Intern
Joe Larsen 2013    
Margaret Pettygrove 2013 UWM Geography Department Graduate Student
Tom Welcenbach 2013 UWM Geography Department Graduate Student
Hugh Christie (Con) 2014    
Michael Denis 2014 Icon Engineering, Kansas City KS QA Validation GIS Specialist
Chris Dickerson (Con) 2014 WI Department of Transportation, Statewide Planning Section Urban and Regional Planner
Sarah Klingman-Cole 2014 UWM Office of Sponsored Programs Office Assistant
Majeed Rahman 2014 UWM Africology Department
PhD Student
Kimberly Sleider (Con) 2014 Waukesha-Ozaukee-Washington (WOW) Workforce Development, Inc Planner
Amy Svinicki 2014
Pa Phouala Vang (Con) 2014  City of Kenosha Land Use Planner
Amanda Yang (Con) 2014    
Nelida Cortes 2014 UWM Urban Studies Department
Graduate Student
Anne Geldreich 2014    
Theresa Glowacki 2014 Utility Data Contractors, Inc
Kevin Korth 2014 Ruekert & Mielke
IT/GIS Technician I
Bridget Suda 2014 Utility Data Contractors, Inc
Field Data Technician
Martin Ziech 2014 Cornell University, City and Regional Planning
Graduate Student
Dylan Baier 2015  
Brian Kent 2015  
Julee Mitchell (Con) 2015  
Sara Phyfer 2015  
Doug Pibal 2015 UWM Geography Department
PhD Student
Michal Salach 2015 Continental Mapping Consultants
Geospatial Technician
Zac Stencil 2015  
Richard VanDerWal (Con) 2015  
Kristian Vaughn (Con) 2015  UWM Architecture Department
PhD Student
Elizabeth Yogerst 2015