University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee


The School of Architecture and Urban Planning (SARUP)

Advances the design and planning of the human and natural environment, focusing on the creation of value and the conservation of resources through research and practical application. Architecture and Urban Planning faculty prepare students for professional careers through active engagement with community-based learning and discovery. 

Strategic Goals:

  • To expand the national and international reputation of SARUP and to be known as a first class school that is relevant and innovative;
  • To be recognized as a leader in the integration of architecture and urban planning;
  • To increase faculty involvement in research and innovation;
  • To strive for diversity within our programs as well as among our faculty and students;
  • To increase technological learning opportunities for faculty and students;
  • To enhance our international and national connections and influence;
  • To work with community partners to address the needs of local communities and to connect students, as well as faculty, to real projects; and
  • To identify resources and obtain support to ensure that our programs are funded and current, our students have financial support and our faculty is of the highest quality.
The School of Architecture and Urban Planning (SARUP)…

Actively seeks donor support and sponsorships. These gifts are essential means for achieving the goals set forth in the strategic plan. Funding priorities for the School include the following:


Star Students

1. Scholarships to provide tangible support for our brightest students with greatest need.

2. Star Fund awards designed to provide SARUP with a competitive edge to attract and retain the best students.

3. Diversity scholarships to enrich the student body profile and provide opportunity to the broadest range of potential students.

Star Faculty

To create endowed professorships that will expand the teaching breadth and excellence of the degree programs. The professorships would be used to bring in distinguished academics and practitioners from across the world for expansion of the international and material perspectives of the school.


Star ProgramsTo provide program support to distinguished clusters of faculty for expansion of work in key areas of research, notably Energy and Sustainable Design, Historic Preservation, Neighborhood Development and Housing, Aging and the Environment, and Emerging Opportunities.


For more information on gift opportunities contact:

Chris Ciancimino
Director of Development
The School of Architecture and Urban Planning
Phone: (414) 229-2573