Steve BrandlSteven G. Brandl

Professor of Criminal Justice

Ph.D., Michigan State University
M.S., Michigan State University
B.S., University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Email: sgb@uwm.edu
Phone: 414-229-5443
Room: 1145 Enderis Hall

Professional Interests

  • Criminal investigation
  • Gun markets
  • Health and safety issues in policing
  • Police decision making and behavior
  • Police policy
  • Hazards of police work

Steven G. Brandl (Ph.D., Michigan State University, 1991) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice. Professor Brandl teaches numerous graduate and undergraduate courses including Criminal Evidence and Investigation, Criminal Psychology, Police Administration, and Issues in Police Practice and Policy, among others.

Research interests include police decision-making and behavior, police use of force, the hazards of police work, the relationship between the police and the community, criminal investigation, and program evaluation.

Brandl has conducted numerous research projects with the Milwaukee Police Department, suburban police departments, as well as other major metropolitan police departments. He is the author of numerous articles in professional journals, the book titled Criminal Investigation, and co-editor of The Police in America: Classic and Contemporary Readings and Voices From the Field: Readings in Criminal Justice Research (with Professors Pope and Lovell); and is a frequent presenter at regional and national professional conferences.

Select Recent Publications: Books

Brandl, S.G. (2008). Criminal Investigation. 2st Edition. Pearson: Boston. (3rd Edition under contract with Sage Publications).

Brandl, S.G. and D.E. Barlow (2004) The Police in America: Classic and Contemporary Readings. Wadsworth: Belmont.

Select Recent Publications: Journal Articles

Brandl, S.G. and B. Smith (forthcoming) An empirical examination of retired police officers’ length of retirement and age at death: A research note. Police Quarterly.

Brandl, S.G. and M.S. Stroshine (forthcoming) The role of officer attributes, job characteristics, and arrest activity in explaining police use of force. Criminal Justice Policy Review

Brandl, S.G. and M.S. Stroshine (forthcoming) The physical hazards of police work revisited.
Police Quarterly.

Stroshine, M.S. and S.G. Brandl (2011) Race, gender, and tokenism in policing: An
empirical elaboration. Police Quarterly 14:323-343.

Brandl, S.G. and M.S. Stroshine (2011) The relationship between gun and gun buyer characteristics and firearm time-to-crime. Criminal Justice Policy Review 22:285-300.

Professional Work

Serves as a consultant on police workload, safety and staffing issues, police use of force, predictability of criminal incidents and firearm policy.

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