Linda Czernick, MS, Administrative Specialist Sr.

Continuing Education & Outreach,
1081 Enderis Hall (414) 229-6329


CzernickiAs the Director for Continuing Education and Outreach for the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare, my goal is to promote life-long learning to our alums and community by providing quality professional development programs. Continuing education brings the school “up front and personal” with each of our alum and ties to our community. I offer workshops on campus and other parts of the state to individuals without viable access. It is such a joy to meet with health and social service workers to discuss their professional development needs.

Life-long learning has always been my passion. I have engaged in a variety of different environments of learning; self-directed, group and institutional, and have enjoyed them all. I completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications and Psychology from Carroll College at the fourth decade of my life. After a two year break, I graduated with a Masters of Science Degree in Administrative Leadership with an emphasis on Adult Learning and Program Management from UW-Milwaukee School of Education. As a student, I learned that adult learners add a wealth of life and hands-on experience to a classroom environment that not only enriches their own experience but the novice student, as well. John Dewey, an expert in adult learning states: “All genuine education comes about through experience”.

As a continuous adult learner, the culture of UWM and the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare provides me with the opportunities to develop new and exciting programs, to actively participate in community and campus outreach and to embrace my creativity through my own career professional development. These all fulfill my needs to be a life-long learner and to reach my goal to deliver the best quality programs to the community.

If you have any questions regarding the State of Wisconsin Licensure and Registration requirements for social workers, please refer to the following web-site:


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