Goldie KadushinGoldie Kadushin

Professor of Social Work

Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago
M.A., University of Chicago
B.A., University of Wisconsin

Email: kadushin@uwm.edu
Phone: 414-229-6733
Room: 1035 Enderis Hall

Professional Interests

  • Social service utilization and barriers to utilization in the elderly

  • Social work interviewing and communication

Dr. Goldie Kadushin (Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago, 1989) joined the faculty in 1994.  Her teaching responsibilities are in the area of social work direct practice methods.  Dr. Kadushin is the Coordinator of Adjunct Faculty for the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare.

Dr. Kadushin has served as a consultant to the Hartford Foundation in the establishment of a National Geriatric Framework for Home Health Care and in the identification of gerontological curriculum content for health care specializations in graduate schools of social work.  She is the Associate Editor of the journal, Social Work in Health Care. Dr. Kadushin’s current research interests are in the area of social work practice with elderly gay and lesbian clients and culturally competent social work interviewing.  

Dr. Kadushin has 15 years of social work practice experience in health care.

Select Publications:

Kadushin, A. & Kadushin, G. 2013). The Social Work Interview, 5th edition. New York: Columbia University Press.
Kadushin, G., & Egan, M. (2008).  Gerontological Home Health Care: A Guide for The Social Work Practitioner.  New York: Columbia University Press.
Egan, M. & Kadushin, G. (2007).  Social Work Practice in Community-Dased Health Care. Binghamton, NY: Haworth Press.

Book Chapters
Kadushin, G. (2009). Ethical Dilemmas in Geriatric Community-Based Care. In Spitzer, W. and Neuman, K. (Eds.), Senior Services Delivery: Ethical Issues and Responses (pp. 15-26). Petersburg VA: The Dietz Press.

Journal Articles
Kadushin, G., Berger, C., Gilbert, G., & St. Aubin, M. (2009). Models and methods of Hospital social work supervision.  The Clinical Supervisor. 28, 180-199.
Kadushin, G. & Egan, M. (2006).  Unmet patient need in home care under managed care Journal of Gerontological Social Work,47, 103-120.
Egan M. & Kadushin, G. (2005).  Pursuing cost control in home health: Medicare, PPS, practice and patient needs.  Social Work in Health Care, 41, 1-19.
Egan, M. & Kadushin, G. (2004).  The job satisfaction of home health social workers in the new environment of cost containment.  Health & Social Work, 29, 287-296.
Kadushin, G. (2004).  Home health care utilization: A review of the research for social work. Health & Social Work, 29, 219-244.
Kadushin, G. & Egan, M. (2004).  An exploratory-descriptive study of home health social work practice under the Medicare Prospective Payment System.  Journal of Social Work in Long Term Care, 3, 43-56.

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