Steven L. McMurtry, Ph.D., Professor

Department of Social Work,
1171 Enderis Hall (414) 229-2249

McmurtrySteven L. McMurtry (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1985) has been a member of the faculty since 1996. He teaches courses in research, social policy, and child welfare services. His current research and training efforts include:

BMCW Evaluation Project

Funded by the State of Wisconsin and the Annie E. Casey and Jane B. Pettit Foundations, this study involves an assessment of services in the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare. It is being conducted as a collaborative effort between UWM and the Chapin Hall Center for Children at the University of Chicago. A copy of the first of two reports from this study is available online at the Chapin Hall website at http://www.chapin.uchicago.edu/

Note that, though there is a $10 charge to have a copy mailed to you, a printable PDF version can be obtained for free by clicking the "Download" button shown.

Desk Reference Guide to Rapid Assessment Instruments

This book, being co-authored with Profs. Susan Rose and Ron Cisler, will identify and review brief measures used by clinicians and researchers to assess personal characteristics and problems (Guilford Press, projected publication date August 2004). The first of a planned series, it will focus on measures relating to eight areas of adult functioning, including mood and affect, anxiety, general mental health and serious psychiatric disturbances, substance use, eating disorders, personality, aging, and service satisfaction and the counseling relationship. A copy of the Table of Contents provides additional detail.

Social Work Macro Practice, 3rd Edition

Scheduled for publication in July 2003, this edition of Social Work Macro Practice includes new chapters on problem and population identification, sections on contemporary organizational and community theory, and a variety of other updates. Additional information is available through Allyn & Bacon/Longman Publishers.

Child Welfare Training Program

Funded by the State of Wisconsin, this program offers an opportunity for current and prospective employees of the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare to obtain financial assistance and a specialized curriculum in the course of completing an MSW degree. The Child Welfare Training Program website provides further information.

Client Satisfaction Inventory

The Client Satisfaction Inventory (CSI) is a 25-item measure of consumer satisfaction with human services. A 9-item short form (CSI-SF) is also available, as are Spanish-language translations of both the full and short versions. Further information can be obtained from WALMYR Publishing at http://www.walmyr.com. Articles describing the measure include:

McMurtry, S. L. & Hudson, W. W. (2000). The Client Satisfaction Inventory: Results of an initial validation study. Research on Social Work Practice, 10, 644-663.

McMurtry, S. L. & Torres, J. B. (2002). Initial validation of a Spanish-language version of the Client Satisfaction Inventory. Research on Social Work Practice, 12, 124-142.