Doctoral Faculty

Criminal Justice

Steve Brandl - Criminal investigation, Gun markets, Health and safety issues in policing, Police decision making and behavior, Police policy, Hazards of police work.

Tina Freiburger - Gender and racial disparities in sentencing, criminological theory, recidivism among sex offenders, and experiences of females in the criminal justice system.

Kimberly Hassell - Race, crime and criminal justice, Administration of justice, Criminal justice processing, Police policy, Police decision making and behavior, Police management.

Tom LeBel - Intervention strategies with correctional clients, Parole, Prisoner reintegration, Rehabilitation, Crime in the mass media, Desistance, Recidivism, Correctional administration and programming, Corrections process, Treatment issues for prisoners, Recovery processes in addictions.

Blake Randol - Police management and administration, crime analysis innovations in police departments, homeland security policing, research methods and quantitative methods.

Aleks Snowden - Alcohol and violence; spatial analytical methods; police reform in post-conflict societies; criminal justice education.

Stan Stojkovic - Philosophy of criminal justice, criminal justice administration.

Social Work

Lisa Berger - alcohol and drug abuse interventions and recovery, the role of work environment in employee substance abuse.

Joan Blakey - Trauma and substance abuse among women who are involved with the child protection and criminal justice systems, creating trauma informed systems of care.

Michael Brondino - quantitative methods, measurement development, data-collection techniques.

Goldie Kadushin - community-based practice, practice with disabled and chronically ill older adults, interdisciplinary collaboration in health care.

Melinda Kavanaugh - Children and teens as caregivers, impact of chronic illness on the family, social work and health care.

Jung Kwak - Efficacy of caregiver support interventions, managed long-term care programs, and racial/ethnic differences in end-of-life decision-making and service use.

Gwat-Yong Lie - intimate partner violence, social work practice with culturally diverse populations, and women's issues.

Steve McMurtry - child welfare services, especially out-of-home care, and methods of assessment of client problems and service outcomes.

Laura Otto-Salaj - intersection of alcohol and other substance use with HIV sexual risk behaviors and mental health.

Deborah Padgett - leadership and management, ethics, and women's issues.

David Pate - poverty and welfare policy; child support and the effect of enforcement policies on noncustodial parents.

Nancy Rolock - Foster care stability, permanence, post-permanence, and racial disparities; intervention research and science.

Susan Rose - child neglect, use of rapid assessment measures in practice, and screening and treatment for substance abusing women.

Dimitri Topitzes - Consequences of trauma and child maltreatment, maltreatment prevention, trauma treatment, early childhood interventions.

Mark Williams - Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender older adult health, health disparities and aging, health care social work practice, the influence of intimate partnerships on health outcomes.