Doctoral Faculty

Criminal Justice

Steve Brandl - Criminal investigation, Gun markets, Health and safety issues in policing, Police decision making and behavior, Police policy, Hazards of police work.

Tina Freiburger - Gender and racial disparities in judicial decision making, juvenile delinquency and court processing, criminological theory, and women in the criminal justice system.

Kimberly Hassell - Race, crime and criminal justice, Administration of justice, Criminal justice processing, Police policy, Police decision making and behavior, Police management.

Tom LeBel - Prisoner reintegration; desistance from crime; the stigma of incarceration; interventions for criminal justice involved women with drug and alcohol problems; and drug treatment courts.

Blake Randol - Criminal justice administration, police-community relations, and issues in police practice and policy

Aleks Snowden - Crime analysis and crime mapping, the role of alcohol availability in crimes, violence, and injury, and advanced spatial analytical methods, such as spatial regression and Risk Terrain Modeling.

Stan Stojkovic - Criminal justice administration and corrections; operation and management of domestic and international law enforcement and correctional organizations; prisoner re-entry as a public safety concern

Social Work

Lisa Berger - Alcohol and drug abuse interventions and recovery, the role of work environment in employee substance abuse.

Joan Blakey - Trauma and substance abuse among women involved with the child protection and criminal justice systems; creating trauma informed systems of care; qualitative methods.

Michael Brondino - Quantitative methods, measurement development, data-collection techniques.

Goldie Kadushin - Community-based practice, practice with disabled and chronically ill older adults, interdisciplinary collaboration in health care.

Melinda Kavanaugh - Child and adolescent caregivers, neurological disorders in the family, health care access for underserved, social work practice in health care.

Jung Kwak - Efficacy of caregiver support interventions, managed long-term care programs, and racial/ethnic differences in end-of-life decision-making and service use.

Gwat-Yong Lie - Intimate partner violence, social work practice with culturally diverse populations, and women's issues.

Steve McMurtry - Child welfare services, especially out-of-home care, and methods of assessment of client problems and service outcomes.

Laura Otto-Salaj - Intersection of alcohol and other substance use with HIV sexual risk behaviors and mental health.

Deborah Padgett - Leadership and management, ethics, and women's issues.

David Pate - Poverty and welfare policy; child support and the effect of enforcement policies on noncustodial parents.

Nancy Rolock - Foster care stability and permanence; post-adoption and post-guardianship discontinuity; racial disparities in child welfare; intervention research and science.

Susan Rose - Child neglect, use of rapid assessment measures in practice, and screening and treatment for substance abusing women.

Dimitri Topitzes - Consequences of trauma and child maltreatment, maltreatment prevention, trauma treatment, early childhood interventions.

Mark Williams - Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender older adult health; health disparities and aging; health care social work practice; influence of intimate partnerships on health outcomes