Submitting Letters of Reference

Three steps must be completed in this part of the application process:

STEP 1: Choose the persons you will ask to write letters of reference.

Select at least three but no more than four individuals familiar with your achievements and academic potential. Do not include friends or relatives. References should include the following:

current or recent supervisor from paid employment,
current or recent instructor from a graduate-level classroom course

If you are unable to secure one or both of the required references, you may substitute that reference with another from a professional source. Please explain the reason for the substitution (in the Additional Information line) on the List of References form (see link below).

STEP 2: Provide a copy of the reference form to each of the individuals you select.

Copies of the Ph.D. Program Reference form are available here[reference form.pdf]. You must print a copy of the form and complete the top portion of the first page before mailing it to the persons you ask to write letters of reference on your behalf. Information is provided on the form to indicate how it should be sent to us when completed. Each person completing a form must sign the mailing envelope on the back before sending it.

STEP 3: Let us know who will be sending letters on your behalf.

Complete the List of References form and mail it to us at the address shown. If you have any questions about the above process, please email or call Prof. Steve McMurtry at mcmurtry@uwm.edu or 414-229-2249.