Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice


The criminal justice field includes a wide range of positions within the three areas of the U.S. criminal justice system:

  • Law enforcement, focused on upholding the law and preventing crime
  • The courts, focused on safeguarding the judicial process
  • Corrections, which provide societal protection and offender treatment and rehabilitation.

At UWM, criminal justice students study the nature and causes of crime, the impact of crime on individuals and society, and the workings of the entire criminal justice system. Field placements allow students to begin applying what has been learned in the classroom.

The program prepares students as generalists in criminal justice and is well suited for those who want to pursue graduate work in criminal justice, law, public administration, and the social sciences. A traditional program and evening degree program are available; a few courses are offered online.

The people best suited to criminal justice work are those who have a strong liberal arts base and good interpersonal skills. They draw on skills in communication– such as listening, speaking and writing – as well as skills in assessing, analyzing and evaluating.

Sample Study Plan for 4-Year Sequence of the Criminal Justice Major