Minor, Standard Track, Criminal Justice

Who can take this track?

  • Current UWM students who are not Criminal Justice majors.


This minor requires a minimum of 19 credits in the following Criminal Justice Courses.

Crm Just 110. Introduction to Criminal Justice. 3 credits

Crm Jst 150. Introduction to Research in Criminal Justice. 1 credit

Crm Jst 271. Police Process. 3 credits

Crm Jst 273. Correctional Process. 3 credits

Crm Jst 275. Criminal Court Process. 3 credits


6 credits in Criminal Justice courses at the 300 level or above. These courses address such topics as white- collar crime, terrorism, homeland security and gangs.

Note: Credits earned in Crm Jst 311 (Field Experience) and Crm Jst 599 (Independent Reading) do not count toward the minimum 19 credits required for this minor.