Part-Time Child Welfare Training Program (CWTP-PT)

What is the CWTP-PT?

The program is offered by the Department of Social Work at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM). It is designed to allow professionals who serve at-risk child to further their education by earning the Master of Social Work (MSW) degree on a part-time basis while maintaining their current employment.

Who may apply?

Eligible applicants are employees of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Community Services (CHWCS) or Integrated Family Services (IFS). Because of federal guidelines, only those in the intensive in-home services, ongoing services, and licensing divisions may apply. Also, applicants who hold a BSW degree earned within the past five years are not eligible for the CWTP-PT but may apply for its companion full-time program.

How is the part-time program structured?

Applicants who have taken no prior graduate-level social work courses must apply for admission to the “Qualifying Year” of the program. Classes begin in January, and participants take one course per semester in the Spring, Summer I, Summer II, and Fall semesters. Classes are held on the UWM campus in the late afternoons or evenings.

Applicants who have completed at least 5 credit hours from the Qualifying Year curriculum (or who have taken at least 5 credits of such courses at their own expense) are eligible to apply for full admission to the part-time program. They must also apply to be accepted into the MSW program. Students cannot complete the CWTP-PT unless they earn full MSW admission after the Qualifying Year.

The program takes four years to complete, from the start of the Qualifying Year through graduation. For 12 months spanning the last half of Year 3 and the first half of Year 4, participants drop to 50%-time employment at their agencies while they complete field placements elsewhere. They receive a stipend during this time to partially compensate for lost earnings.

What financial support is provided?

  • Full tuition (in-state).
  • Book allowance of $75 per course.
  • Monthly stipend of $580 during the semesters of field instruction*.

What work obligation is required of participants?

All participants must sign a contract with UWM that obligates them to maintain employment with their current agency during the semesters they are enrolled in classes and for at least one semester following each semester of coursework. A semester is defined as four months of employment.

How do I apply?

Interested employees are eligible to apply for admission to the Qualifying Year of the program, which will begin in the Spring 2014 semester. Application materials are due by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, November 4th, 2013.

For more information, please contact:

Professor Susan Rose (sjrose@uwm.edu, 229-6301)
Professor Steve McMurtry (mcmurtry@uwm.edu, 229-2249)
Program Assistant Mary Heller (mheller@uwm.edu, 229-4895)


* Tuition and other financial assistance is contingent on the availability of funds, which must be re-determined annually.