New Student Orientation
Helen Bader School of Social Welfare Registration

Freshmen Registration

Registration takes place during the second day morning session of New Student Orientation. For Criminal Justice or Social Work students, registration lasts about 4 hours and consists of two main components, the school meeting and registration.
During the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare Meeting you will:

  • Discover the Academic Resources available to you as a UWM student
  • Discuss the meaning of the results to your placement exam
  • Receive a detailed explanation of the Criminal Justice or Social Work degree requirements (this will include the requirements needed to apply to the major and requirements needed to graduate)
  • Learn how to register and navigate PAWS


Your registration session will begin with a Social Welfare advisor explaining the results of your English, Math and any other placement exams you have taken.
Based on these results, you will generate a list of courses to register for. A common first semester freshmen schedule generally includes 4-5 courses from the following areas:

  • Math: based on your placement results
  • English: based on your placement results
  • Social Work/Criminal Justice 105
  • Communication 103
  • Social Science (GER)
  • History 151 or 152
  • Humanities

Things to Know About the Registration Process

  • Advising at Registration is done in a group-advising format.
  • While you will not meet one-on-one with your advisor, you will have an opportunity to speak individually with an advisor as you complete the registration process.
  • Typically, there are about 2 advisors for every 10 Criminal Justice or Social Work students attending registration.
  • You may not have as much one-on-one time with your advisor as you would like. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you meet with your advisor during your first semester.

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