Research Support and Development Office

The mission of the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare’s Research Support and Development Office is to facilitate the research endeavors of the school’s faculty and research scholars. The main objectives of the office are to promote grant proposal submissions, productivity and compliance and also to reduce the barriers to research.

The School’s Research Support and Development Office working together with UWM’s central Research Services and Administration office, UWM Office of Development and other university entities can provide the following to the school’s faculty and research scholars:

1) Facilitating the acquisition of research awards (Pre-award):

  • Identifying appropriate funding opportunities (Federal, State, Community, Corporate, Private Foundations, etc.)
  • Providing guidance, assistance, tools and procedures for the submission of grant and contract proposals. This includes but is not limited to providing:
    • Budget templates, development of budgets and reviewing of budgets;
    • Current salaries, fringe benefits rates, indirect rates, tuition, and standard expenses;
    • Estimates of salary and rate increases;
    • Approval of non-standard indirect rates;
    • Standard frequently used forms and figures;
    • Assistance with investigator IRB forms, WISPER records, etc.
    • Best practices related to clinical trial agreements and their related budgets.
    • Advice on regulations and compliance.
  • Providing notices of training opportunities for research related items such as grant development, IRB issues, statistician services, patient recruitment retention, etc.
  • Providing guidance in bringing consulting dollars through the university.

2) Managing of grants and contracts (Post-Award):

  • Providing oversight to avoid audits, deficits and non-compliance. This assistance includes but is not limited to:
      • Tracking accounts and creating procedures and systems to track project accounts;
      • Assisting with advanced account requests and budget revisions;
      • Tracking employee FTEs across projects;
      • Aiding with PA form revisions;
      • Negotiating and managing subcontracts;
      • Aiding with effort reporting and closing out accounts;
      • Initiating rollover of funds and no-cost extensions,
      • Providing financial/resources data needed for project reports, annual reports, promotional materials, and departmental/school/campus/System requests for information and data concerning the externally funded research and projects conducted at HBSSW.

3) Assisting with planning:

  • Assisting in strategic planning of research centers and projects.
  • Assisting with the clarification, implementation and development of research project policies and procedures.
  • Developing best practices and economies of scale in regards to research administration.
  • Assisting in showcasing the school’s research.
  • Assisting in reducing barriers to research.
  • Assisting with negotiations with the university’s central Research Services and Administration Office, as well as federal, public, and private funding agencies around potential activities.

For more information please contact:
Heidi Janzen
Director of Research Support and Development
For the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare

1033 Enderis Hall
(414) 229-4766