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HBSSW Field Education Policy and Procedure Manual

Required Field Education Materials

Field Instructor Responsibilities

Direct Practice

Macro Practice

Learning Plan

Learning Plan Instructions

Learning Plan Form

Learning Plan Examples - BSW

SW 421

SW 422

Learning Plan Examples - MSW

SW 721/722 - Direct Practice

SW 721/722 - Clinical

SW 821/822 - Direct Practice

SW 821/822 - Clinical

SW 821/822 - Macro

Field Education Assignments

Field Safety Manual

Field Education Grading Policies

Field Course Grading Policy (SW421, SW422, SW721)

Field Course Grading Policy (SW423, SW722, SW821, SW822, SW921)

Incompletes In Field Education

Incomplete Request Form

Field Course Incomplete Policy

Practicum Improvement Plan - To be completed at the discretion of the Field Instructors for students who are performing below expectations in one or more areas

Evaluation Forms for Field Education Courses - For Field Instructors

Evaluation Instructions for Field Instructors

Direct Practice Field Education Course Evaluation Form - Use for Mid-term Progress Report & Final Evaluation

Macro Field Education Course Evaluation Form - Use for Mid-term Progress Report & Final Evaluation

School Social Work Field Evaluation Form - School Social Work Field Instructors Only

Final Evaluation of Field Liaison - For Field Instructors

Field Hour Verification Form

Clinical Verification of Hours Form - Students with Clinical Placements Only

Miscellaneous Forms

Master Affiliation Agreement Request

Program Memorandum Request [E-Form]

Field Instructor Benefits - Request forms

UWM Privilege Information

UWM Field Instructor Privilege Request Form

HBSSW Social Work Field Education Advisory Board

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