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Field Assignment Instructions (for Students)

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Instructions per Field Assignment

The following is a listing of the Direct Practice field education assignment options. Each assignment title is a link to the instructions and point value of each assignment. Click on the assignment listing to view the detailed assignment outline. The assignments are categorized under specific field education course objectives and are intended to develop and/or enhance student social work competencies and challenge the student to utilize critical thinking.

***Please note: An Alternative Field Assignment (an assignment not listed) can be considered as an acceptable field assignment with the pre-approval of both the agency Field Instructor and the Field Liaison and should be documented on the Learning Plan.

Assessment of the Client System

BioPsychoSocial Assessment

Community Needs Assessment

Comprehensive Progress Report

Coordination of a Fundraising Event

Development of a Focus Groups

Development of a Written Program Brochure or Agency Information Fact Sheet

Development, Facilitation, and Evaluation of a Client Group

DSM-5 Field Assignment Including a Written Client Assessment


Exploring the Difference Between Your Personal and Professional Self

Field Research Paper

Foster Care Progress Report


Grant Writing

Group Presentation - Public Speaking Assignment

Home Study Assignment

Letter to Elected Official

Position Paper Related to Ethics in Social Work Practice

Position Paper Relation to Social Injustice or Political Advocacy

Poverty and Social Class

Program Improvement Project

Program Policies and Procedures

Rapid Assessment Instrument

Recording for Learning (RFL)

Review and Written Analysis of a Current Issue in Social Work

Social Assessment Report / Social History

Strength Based Intervention Plan

Summary and Analysis of an Agency's/Program's Outcome Measures

Summary of Client-Worker Relationship

Written Paper on the Use of Self-Awareness in Social Work Practice

Written Paper on the Use of Spirituality in Social Work Practice