MSW Application

The MSW Program will be accepting new students for Fall 2014. The application deadline is January 2, 2014.

***We have a secondary application deadline of March 3, 2014. Any MSW applications that are completed per the instructions below between January 3 and March 3, 2014 will be considered for admission if space allows. Secondary applications will not be notified of the admission decision until the end of April 2014.

Applying to the MSW Program requires two things:

1. An on-line application to the University’s Graduate School through this link: https://apply.wisconsin.edu/

Refer to the On-Line Application Instructions page (listed below) when completing the on-line application. Failure to provide information as instructed may result in being denied admission to the MSW program.

 2. Hard-copy Letters of Reference, Reference Information page and Areas of Study page per instructions and sent directly to the to the MSW Program. Instruction pages and forms found below.

Please print off all sections found below. Read the instructions carefully.

Please note: the information listed above reflects a revised application process (as of July, 2013). If you have a previous version of the application and instructions you may submit your application as the previous version without any penalty to you. For questions: contact Amy Kirby at kirby@uwm.edu, or call 414-229-4852.