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School Social Work

Certification requirements for a school social worker include the following: an MSW degree, a minimum of 18 credits of professional education, completion of an approved program, and two years of social work experience working with children and youth. The school social work program consists of the following:

  1. Field Education (at least 1,000 hours of which at least 500 hours are in an elementary or secondary setting, and 500 hours are working with children and youth)
  2. Child welfare content
  3. Coursework on Native Americans in Wisconsin
  4. Exceptional education course
  5. Social Work courses in human behavior (705 or equivalent), family development (771), school policy (851), practice methods in schools (791), and institutional racism (791).
  6. Human Relations contact (a minimum of 75 hours of direct experience with minority groups)
  7. Portfolio
  8. Passing score on State's School Social Work content exam

Early in their academic program, students should consult with the coordinator of Social Work and the Field Education Office for an evaluation of prior coursework and development of an overall academic program.

For more information on School Social Work certification, contact Jeanne Wagner at jeannew@uwm.edu.