Faculty Field Liaison Evaluation Form
Helen Bader School of Social Welfare
Social Work Field Program
(to be completed by Agency Field Instructor)

The quality of your experience with the HBSSW Field Education Program is important to us. In order to improve our program your feedback is very valuable. All information provided will be kept completely confidential.

Today's Date: 02/06/2016       Semester: Fall Spring Summer

Name of your assigned Field Liaison:

How many years have you been a Field Instructor for UWM?
1-2 years
3-5 years
6-10 years
10 years +

Have you ever attended a beginning Social Work Field Instructor Orientation? Yes No

Did your Field Liaison make an agency visit this semester? Yes No

Not at all satsified
Not satisfied
Very Satisfied
The Field Liaison assissted me in performing my role as a Field Instructor
The Field Liaison provided sufficient support throughout the semester
The Field Liaison's agency visit was useful
The Field Liaison was helpful in dealing with issues or problems that may have arisen during the field practicum
The Field Liaison was helpful in clarifying questions regarding field assignments required by UWM
The Field Liaison was knowledgeable about the school's policies, procedures, and expectations

The role and function of the Field Liaison was clear to me: Yes No

If you answered No, please explain:

Please comment on anything else you would like to note about the Field Liaison or Field Education Program: