Field Liaison Evaluation
(to be completed by student)

The quality of your experience in the HBSSW Field Education Program is important to us. In order to improve our program, your timely feedback is valuable. All information is confidential and the identity of the student is not disclosed.

Check the Social Work Program you are currently in: BSW MSW Post-MSW

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The following statements address your satisfaction with your Field Liaison and the Field Program in general.

Not at all Satisfied
Not Satisfied
Very Satisfied
The role and function of the Field Liaison was clear to me.
My Field Liaison spent adequate time interviewing me and discussing my placement interests and agency options.
My Field Liaison was available to discuss any concerns or questions I had during my placement this semester.
During the site visit, my Field Liaison facilitated a productive discussion regarding my personal and professional performance in field.
My Field Liaison helped clarify the requirements of the field education course including assignments, learning plan, evaluation, hours, etc.
My Field Liaison responded to my questions and concerns in a timely manner.
How satisfied are you in general with the Field Education Program in the HBSSW?