Mid-Term Evaluation of Field Placement
Helen Bader School of Social Welfare
Social Work Field Program

Your opinions regarding your agency placement are important to us. In order to ensure that your education needs are being met satisfactorily we have developed a list of questions asking your opinion about your placement. All information is completely confidential.

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Please respond to the following questions for the current semester:

How satisfied were you with the following aspects of your placement?

Not at all satisified
Not satisfied
Very Satisfied
The learning experiences outlined for this semester have adequately addressed my learning objectives
I received training and orientation in order to understand and adequately perform my assigned tasks this semester
I am provided with clear expectations for my performance at the Field Agency
The Field Instructor has been helpful in clarifying my understanding of how the field program objectives can be applied for my field placement
My work has been adequately observed and critiqued by my Field Instructor
I have clear information regarding expectations for improving my performance
I have felt adequately prepared by the agency to perform the duties and responsibilities of my field placement
I have felt adequately prepared by my academic coursework to perform the duties and responsibilities of my field placement
I feel that the grading system for the field education course is clear
I feel that my midterm progress report was a fair assessment of my performance in the placement