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Student Requirements

Admissions: Entering the Honors College

Students pursuing their first degree may be admitted to the Honors College as freshmen, continuing (current UWM students), or transfer students if they meet the College's criteria.

High school seniors who apply to UWM will automatically be considered for the Honors College. Students will be notified of their acceptance to Honors after receiving their admission from UWM.

Eligible UWM or transfer students are recommended to have completed less than 40 credits, should have a cumulative GPA equivalent to their year in school (see below), and have met the University English requirement. Interested students are encouraged to contact the Honors College.

GPA and Continuing in the Honors College

Please see Handbooks

Graduating with Honors

All UWM Undergraduate Colleges now offer the Honors Degree, a special diploma awarded to students who complete Honors College requirements. Students who complete six credits of a Senior Honors Thesis, Senior Honors Project, or Research in Honors will receive the special distinction, "Honors with Distinction."

Graduating with an Honors Degree provides convincing evidence of outstanding academic achievement, a valuable accomplishment students can note on resumes and graduate school applications. To graduate with an Honors Degree, students must achieve a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 and accumulate at least 21 Honors credits, which include a variety of course options:

Honors 200 - 3-6 credits
Upper-level Honors Seminars - at least 9 credits
Other Honors Options - up to 9 credits

Honors courses cannot be audited or taken with the credit/no credit option. Students must earn at least a B- in an Honors course to earn Honors credit.