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Student Comments

From Honors College Graduates

December 2012 - August 2013

Architecture Major; Art and Design Minor, May 2013

The school's focus on literary analysis, oral communication, and written argumentation strongly supported my overall intellectual development. These discussion periods were some the most interesting academic hours of my day. The communication skills that I learned in the Honors College have impacted my success within architecture.

Political Science Major; International Studies Minor, May 2013

In the Honors College I worked with fantastic professors and intelligent classmates. In sum, the Honors College was refreshing, challenging, inspiring and rewarding.

Biological Sciences Major, May 2013

While Honors gave me a challenge and pushed me to become a better writer, the classes also offered relief from my usual classes. I am very thankful for having the opportunity to be part of such a close-knit and supportive community. I honestly cannot imagine what my education at UWM would have been like if I was not in the Honors College.

Psychology Major; Journalism, History, and Sociology Minors, May 2013

My favorite part of the Honors College was definitely the faculty, everyone from the professors to the advisors and directors and even to the custodial staff. It is the amiability and genuine care that the faculty has for the students that makes the Honors College as wonderful as it is. I felt that, not only would I learn a lot or get great advice from Honors College staff, I would also be able to have a nice conversation, share or hear some great stories, or even create a new friendship.

Nursing Major, May 2013

My Honors College experience was so worthwhile. Yes, it helps you develop your writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills, but it's so much more than that. The Honors College helped me develop into a person who does not pass judgment, and that is so important in Nursing.

Criminal Justice Major; Political Science Minor, May 2013

I am leaving a stronger writer, a creative scholar, and a bold speaker that is not afraid to voice my opinion.

Spanish Major; ESL and Bilingual Education Minors, May 2013

The professors are intellectuals that care very deeply for their subjects, the students, and the Honors College. The care, personal attention, rigor, and curiosity that permeate the Honors College are what imbue this department as a beacon for students on the UWM campus.

Inter-Arts and Technology Major; Japanese Minor, May 2013

While the Honors College did help me out academically, mostly by improving my writing, the atmosphere it fostered is certainly the most vivid memory I will take with me after graduation. I enjoyed almost all of my classes at UWM but the Honors College classrooms had several advantages; teachers who were extremely knowledgeable and passionate of their subjects as well as small class sizes of people who had a genuine interest in learning and participating.

Psychology Major; Business Minor, May 2013

When I discovered the Honors College, I discovered a strong liberal arts community feeling and a supportive, interested staff who inspired me to broaden my horizons and enrich my major requirement classes by taking Honors seminars. I am leaving UWM feeling proud of my education and fully prepared for graduate study not just because of my major, but because of the important skills I learned through Honors courses and in the larger community of Honors students and faculty.

History Major, May 2013

They really help you push yourself beyond what you thought you were capable of.

Global Studies and Spanish Majors, May 2013

Without any hesitation, I can wholeheartedly endorse the Honors College as one of my best undergraduate experiences. Through my courses here, I connected with and was inspired by many truly extraordinary minds. The professors I had the privilege of knowing have motivated me to challenge myself and think in new ways. Of any classes I have taken, the courses through Honors invariably were the ones that left my mind swirling and filled to the brim with exciting ideas.

English Major, May 2013

To put it simply, the Honors College made my College experience. I feel humbled and forever indebted to the incredible faculty and staff of the Honors College.

Dance and Theatre Majors, May 2013

UWM's Honors College was a huge asset to my college experience. In all, the Honors College has helped me remain a dynamic and well-rounded person.

Film Major; Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies Minor, December 2012

The Honors College was an incredible opportunity. The classes were based on engaging material, the instructors were highly motivated and involved in the academic success of their students, and the seminar style classes created inspiring intellectual discussion amongst peers. The classroom environment operated to build self-esteem in the development of original ideas and the communication/sharing of unique perspectives. The Honors College solidified my university experience by placing me at the epicenter of elevated academic study and original thought. The classes made me feel like I was in a unique place of higher education. The professors and peers in the Honors College were inspiring and motivating.

Psychology Major; Pre-Med, May 2013

I became more confident and started believing in myself and my dreams. Not only could I create friendships with peers, but also I established relationships with my professors, whom I could speak with comfortably inside and outside of class.

History Major; Political Science and Information Science and Technology Minors, May 2013

Honors offered courses which created a forum in which I could explore topics of interest, help mold my own opinions, learn how to read and write even better than before, and all while working to achieve my ultimate goal of graduation; the Honors College gave something which other programs did not. It provided me with an intellectually stimulating and vigorous routine, which expanded my capabilities, by sharpening my skills as a thoughtful writer and reader.

Global Communications Major; French and Business Minors, May 2013

The Honors College was a way for me to exercise my intellect with others that were both similar and different from me. For me, the Honors College was a great way to cultivate knowledge outside of my degree, as well as improve my academic writing, creating my own personal writing style.

Psychology Major, May 2013

The Honors College changed my perception on academic learning in which hard work does pay off, and being a part of a community where all the students care about their work makes a difference in the overall learning experience. Without my experiences in the Honors College, especially thanks to all of my wonderful professors and advisors, I probably would not be going to Graduate school.