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Before completing this application, be sure to check that you will be an eligible resident by your date of entry.

This is only an application for housing at Kenilworth Square Apartments. It is not a contract and does not commit you to living in Kenilworth , nor does it guarantee a space.  If you would like to view the contract, click here. You should receive your contract within three weeks of submitting your application if rooms are available for the current semester. Contracts for the housing period beginning August 15th will be issued beginning late March. Questions can be emailed to

Be sure to enter the correct month and year, this will dictate what contract you are sent (please note that applications received over a year in advance of the contract will not be assigned until the Spring term prior to that contract period). Entering after a contract period has already begun is acceptable and we welcome new contracts if there is space available. However, please give us as much advanced notice as possible.

Please note that if you are applying for Fall 2012, contracts will be mailed in mid-March.

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