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Riverview Art Collection


Professional artwork as you’ll see in this collection is, within University Housing, exclusive to RiverView Residence Hall. The artwork was purchased with funds from the UWM Real Estate Foundation, the organization which also financed the construction of RiverView Residence Hall and Cambridge Commons Residence Hall.

The art was selected by the RiverView Art Committee, formed in spring 2009 to include UWM faculty and students, University Housing staff and residents, and community members. Most of the art featured here is by artists living and working in the nearby Riverwest neighborhood, and some is by students of UWM.

The goals of the Foundation and Committee are manifold, but chiefly they are

  • Educational
    • to connect residents with their curriculum and goals, as well as with their artistically rich community
  • Relationship & Community based
    • to connect residents with each other, with community members, and with organizations and events
  • Environmental
    • to connect residents to their environment, and increase the sense of shared ownership of and appreciation for their home

The themes of the art in this collection are reflective of these goals, but are also relevant to the college experience and serve as an extension of residents’ education at UWM. Additionally, much of the work speaks to the human experience and is meant to evoke emotions and meaningful conversation.

The pieces in the lobby and cafeteria stairwell are by local artists, while the prints in each study lounge were acquired from a national source.  Please show respect for the art, artists, and RiverView residents by not touching the art.


RiverView Art Committee

(from left)

Raoul Deal

Peck School of the Arts faculty member, Visual Art Living Learning Community faculty, and visual artist

Fly Steffens

Peck School of the Arts student, former Visual Art Living Learning Community member, and University Housing resident

Kara Mulrooney

Peck School of the Arts alumni, former University Housing Residential Program Manager, filmmaker, and community member

Kelly Johnson

Associate Director of University Housing

Jim Hawley

Artist, long time resident of Riverwest, and University Housing custodian