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Absent Mind 1, 2, 3, 4

by Amy Schmutte


About the Work

This work is about exploration of translucence of light. It involves a layered method achieving abstraction using mundane glass objects. Not only are the objects layered in space as I shoot them, but then the exposure is also layered in the darkroom, using the tech- nique called Photogram. There is no digital manipulation used to create these abstractions. They are titled “Absent Mind” (1 through 4) because the outcome of this exploration, the image itself, is a visual escape. It is nothing more than a surreal landscape in which your mind can play and see what you want to see, with no heavy intellectual message.


About the Artist

Amy Schmutte is a Milwaukee-based fine art photographer. Amy has been indulging in the exploration of glass translucence through photography for 15 years, and could see continuing it for the rest of her life. It started as Amy’s senior thesis at MIAD long ago, and fascinates her to this day. Amy works as a commercial photographer by day, and keeps her fine-art passion alive with new creations that she shares in art festivals and galleries as much as a busy schedule allows.