University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

University Housing


Bartlett Street

by Mike Fredrickson


About The Work

Oil on wood panel, 48” x 32”. It’s part of a series of paintings of buildings and streets that I’ve become familiar with in my travels throughout the Milwaukee area. I call the
series, “ A Celebration of the Banal.” Incidentally, I lived on Bartlett for a while.


About the Artist

Mike was born in Madison and raised on a farm. He received his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Painting and Drawing from UWM (1988 and 1992). He has been drawing and painting his entire life. He taught at MIAD and UWM. He is interested in portraying little dramas and their scenery in his life, as well as rendering humans and their environments. He feels he’s grown attached to the emotions that these visions evoke. Mike supplements his painting with an interest in music and has played bass in many bands since moving to Milwaukee in 1979. He also writes music.